Drivers Admit to Surprising Distractions Behind the Wheel

April 13, 2015

Study Shows That Drivers Are Distracted by More Than Just Calls and Texts

We spend a lot of time talking about some of the most common causes of distracted-driving accidents, like texting or taking calls behind the wheel. But even though cell phones and smartphones are involved in a large number of wrecks, they’re not the only distraction behind the wheel. A recent study was highlighted in the Chicago Tribune—just in time for April’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month—that shows that drivers may be distracted by anything from a quick kiss to guitar practice behind the wheel.

Drivers Admit to All Kinds of Scary Distractions Behind the Wheel

Erie Insurance surveyed approximately 2,000 drivers during an informal, three-day study of distracted driving at the end of February 2015. Although it wasn’t conducted as a scientific study, their results showed that about thirty percent of drivers admitted to taking risks by texting and driving—but smaller percentages of drivers admitted to engaging in a whole range surprising and potentially dangerous distractions while driving, including:

  • Taking “selfies”
  • Putting in contact lenses
  • Dental hygiene, like brushing and flossing
  • Putting on makeup
  • Styling hair
  • Changing drivers while a vehicle is in operation

In fact, Erie Insurance says that simple daydreaming behind the wheel leads to more fatal accidents than any other type of distraction. Remember that you are distracted any time something takes your hands off the wheel, your eyes off the road, or your mind off the task at hand—and any distraction can be a danger to others on the road.

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