Client Reviews

Where do I even Begin? This Firm has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Specifically, Scott Lane and Nicholas Kamenjarin. This firm should be the standard, and they set the bar high! From the beginning their professionalism and dedication to their craft were evident. Scott Lane’s expertise is unparalleled. His strategic approach to navigating issues ensured that everything was taken care of with precision and care. His communication skills are just as great. He managed to convey complex legal theories clearly and concisely so that I could understand them. Nicholas’s contributions were equally invaluable. His attention to detail and approach ensured that everything was taken care of. His communication skills were just as great. Nicholas will go above and beyond for you. He truly will take the time to listen to your concerns and make you feel heard. It is very clear that Scott and Nicholas work together and communicate with each other. Scott and Nicholas are very committed to achieving the best possible outcome, and it was very clear from the beginning. I can’t recommend Lane Brown enough. Specifically, Scott and Nicholas, these guys are remarkable!

Ameer Ahmad

Lane Brown LLC Is a top-notch law firm That helped me get the most for my Injuries.Nick Kamenjarin and Scott Lane worked On my case with constant contact, let me know every step they were taking on my behalf. So if you’re in need of a law firm That has your best interest at heart, you need “Lane Brown LLC”.

Vernon Briggs

I highly recommend Lane Brown, LLC because they genuinely care for its clients. In fact, I know several people that I referred to the firm who are amazed at the representation that they received. Scott Lane and Nicholas Kamenjarin, in my opinion, are experts in their field. I am very impressed with their professionalism and dedication to their clients. They are a great team! Scott and Nicholas go above and beyond to make sure that each client is satisfied with how their case is moving along by keeping them updated, which is another bonus! If you are looking for a great legal team to assist you and/or your family with a potential case do not hesitate to contact the law firm of Lane Brown, LLC. You will not be disappointed!

Deedra McKinney

We highly recommend Scott Lane and Nick Kamenjarin. After being rear-ended by a delivery truck on a family day trip to Chicago, which resulted in a serious injury for my mother who was a passenger in my car, we were in need of a good attorney. We spoke with a few, but Scott stood out from them all. His calm demeanor and ability to clearly communicate were evident from the beginning. In fact, he went out of his way during COVID by driving two hours to my home near South Bend, IN from Chicago to meet with us since it was difficult for Mom to travel. Scott clearly explained all aspects of our case at every stage including outlining the law in an easy to understand manner. It also became clear to us, as our case progressed, that Scott is well respected among his legal peers. These extremely important qualities cannot be underestimated. As a result, we trusted Scott at every point and ended up with a settlement for Mom better than we could have hoped for, especially considering that early-on after the car accident insurance companies were denying benefits for Mom’s care. Nick was always extremely responsive and helped support us throughout the process. We greatly appreciate having had both Scott and Nick on our team.


Paula Schneider

Three months before our wedding, we were on our way to church when we were in a very bad car accident. I sustained several crush injuries to my face, hand, arm etc. We were also building a house at the time. After weeks of physical therapy, I was in tremendous pain, my husband thought it would cheer me up to go furniture shopping, so we did. While we were discussing the accident and basically trying to figure all this out, a very nice lady walked over and said, I’m so sorry to interrupt but I see your cast and overheard the difficulties you are having, I never do this she said, but my nephew is an attorney and you all seem to be the nicest family, your boys are just so adorable as well.

I couldn’t believe it because the very next day Fred Lane was at our house checking in and reassuring us everything was going to be ok. He said his son Scott, would call on Monday and if it wasn’t for Scott’s true compassion and dedication, I never would have gotten through that event and the others that occurred during the case. Sadly, while trying to recover and leaving one doctor, both my mother and I were hit again from behind. This set my progress back for weeks. But like I said, Scott Lane’s expertise made me feel more like family than a client throughout the whole process. Today, years later I can pick up the phone and call the Lane Brown LLC for any legal matter I need or to just say hi and check in on the whole Lane Brown Family. Thanks again Scott and team for all of your hours of hard work and your empathy during the most difficult times in my life.

Wendy Collins

In 1996 our 19yr old son lost both hands in a preventable factory accident. We did not know where to turn for advice. My employer knew a friend in Chicago who was an attorney, Fred Lane. Who had two sons who were attorneys. One call and they were here to help us. Lane & Lane took on a very complex case, working diligently for several years to ensure our son would get the justice he deserved. They gave us hope when we had none. Because of the Lane attorneys our son did receive multiple judgements to ensure a bright future. We have the most respect and gratitude to Lane Brown attorneys and give them our most highest recommendation.

Rosalie and Melvin Haddix

If I could give 6 out of 5 stars I would. Scott Lane and Nick Kamenjarin were on my case and they are wonderful to work with. They really make sure you understand what is going on throughout the process and are there for you every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better outcome from my case.

Drew Lipinski

I cannot speak highly enough about Lane Brown LLC Law firm. In our case it involved a family member injured in an Industrial Accident. We were referred to Lane Brown Law firm, We live in central Illinois 4 1/2 hrs from Chicago not having any idea on who to entrust or what direction to turn. Scott Lane made frequent trips, explaining all of the details of the case, keeping us up on the case as it progressed, Lane Brown LLC won our case and I cannot thank them enough. I can say with certainty that 5 stars is not a high enough Rating.

Joey Haddix

Scott and Nick went above and beyond what I had expected when we thought this would go know we’re they kept pursuing every avenue and I received a great settlement. The kindness was outstanding made me feel like family. Nick always kept me updated and was always glad to answer any questions. Scott and Nick were very knowledgeable and did such an excellent job. Deedra was also very kind and helpful my overall experience was great and would recommend this firm to anyone and would not hesitate to use them again if I needed help cannot thank them enough God bless.

Mike Alexander

I had suffered a medical accident, while going through a routine, out-patient procedure. Unfortunately, it was a life changing event with long-term consequences. On the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Lane Brown to learn about the firm, to try and gain a better understanding of what my options were, and the next steps I should take. After having several discussions with Scott Lane, I selected Lane Brown as the firm to represent me. I could not have made a better choice. Scott, with the assistance of Nick Kamenjarin, was outstanding. I was so impressed with the professionalism and the “personal touch” they exhibited on the case. They were authentic, honest, and had a wonderful level of support and empathy for what I was going through. They were quick to respond to any and all questions I had. I knew they always had MY best interests at heart. When you add that they are outstanding attorneys, it was more than my wife and I could have ever hoped for. I would rate them 6 stars on a 5-star scale. Thanks again Scott and Nick for all you did for us.

Chris L.

Lane Brown LLC: Lane Brown LLC checks off every box on the list for great lawyers! I contacted Lane Brown LLC based on a recommendation from a friend regarding an injury I sustained by being struck by a negligent valet parker. I had no idea what to expect as I never was in a situation like this. I got a call back from Nick K who is a lawyer for Lane Brown LLC. Nick K was very meticulous and knowledgeable and took the time to listen and ask the right questions and wanted me to find out some more information he needed and to do some research on his end. I then made a conference call appointment with Nick K and Scott L to go over things. After explaining my situation and the fact that the parking garage insurance company admitted fault and was willing to settle, Scott L advised me that it would be in my best financial interest to pursue this directly with the insurance company without retaining them and if the insurance company tried to low-ball me and would not budge, to call him back to retain him in order to get a fair settlement.

I was delighted with his honest, ethical advice that communicated integrity. He then proceeded to counsel me on how to negotiate with the insurance company to come up with an amount to get a fair settlement and to keep him updated and contact him with any additional questions and concerns. This was all at no charge! I followed their advice and was able to settle with the insurance company for an amount within the range that they recommended! Nick K and Scott L have a very pleasant yet highly professional, skilled demeanor and counseled me exceptionally well. Needless to say, I was impressed by their honesty, integrity and ethics and willingness to help even if it meant no money in their pocket. The most important thing to look for in a lawyer/law firm aside from skill (which Nick K and Scott L most definitely have) is honesty, ethics and integrity and the lawyers at Lane Brown LLC certainly hit a home run in that regard. You will NOT go wrong giving Lane Brown LLC a call.

George G.

A year ago, I had a car accident and had no idea what to do; I called their law office early morning and Mr. Lane was the one I met for my appointment. He was very personable and friendly, and he was quick to get to work helping me.

Ruzlynn B.

Many kudos to Scott Lane and Claire Connolly! Always responsive and professional! They took the time needed to hear me and understand my case and the damages I’d suffered as a result of 2 rear-end car wrecks I was in. After almost 4 years of struggling with the insurance companies, they were able to obtain the full insurance coverages for me from both companies. I can’t thank them enough!

Stephen L.

Lane-Brown I hope in your life that you never have an incident in personal injury. I was fortunate in finding Lane-Brown. Their in depth experience guided me through to a settlement. Scott took the time to explain the legal issues we have or may not have in my case. He laid out for me the direction of the case and his approach. Nick Kamenjarin was Scott’s associate attorney and he was outstanding especially in fact gathering and depositions. Again, their professionalism brought the opposing party to settlement. They had the skills I needed.

William A.

Lane Brown LLC is a fantastic group of injury lawyers. Scott Lane went to bat for me after a horrible accident. No matter how long and how much the other side tried stalling or throwing up roadblocks, Scott just kept pushing forward. With uncanny coolness, and with a definite goal in mind, Scott eventually got a settlement which was DOUBLE what the other side was hoping for. If you’re looking for decent people, who are relentless in pursuing a true and fair settlement, you cannot do better than Scott Lane Brown Brown LLC. The best!!

Yale Z.

What makes you different is your caring, compassionate support! You’re an inexhaustible source of energy that kept me alert and focused through the legal process. The second quality is your consistent, smooth rhythm. Attorney’s Mark Brown and Kellie Snyder guided me through the court system with legal-ease after my traumatic brain injury. If you have been injured with a traumatic brain injury, you should contact Mark and Kellie at Lane Brown in Chicago, Illinois. This decision will be the best one you have ever made.

Janet F.

Kellie Snyder and Mark Brown ARE AWESOME!!!!! I can’t express how much I am thankful and blessed to have had them as my attorneys. For the past 3 years they have worked day in and out to make sure I was taken care of. Through my doubts and uncertainties Kellie stood by my side. When times got rough, she became tougher. When the defense gave me hard times, she would swing back with brute force. I want to say THANK YOU to Kellie Snyder and Mark Brown for the amazing work you guys have done for me and my family. I recommend any and everyone who has had an injury and looking for a team to represent them, Kellie and Mark from Lane Brown, LLC is the way to go. Give them a call and I guarantee you won’t be let down. They are truly loved and are EXPERTS at what they do. As I told you once Ms. Snyder , I’ll say it again ” YOU GO GIRL!!!!!”

Markez E.

All interactions with everyone at Lane & Lane, LLC (now Lane Brown, LLC) exceeded my expectations. Steve Lane was not only knowledgeable and professional – but also compassionate and kind in handling all aspects of my case. Most of all- he was effective in achieving the desired outcome. I would recommend Lane Brown without hesitation to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.

Kathleen B.

After my dog was attacked by a much larger pit mix and required a couple of surgeries and ICU care, I needed help getting the dog owner to do the right thing and pay my bills. I was scared to leave my dog alone to go meet with a lawyer, so Mr. Lane went above and beyond and came to my house to meet with me. He and his team continued to exceed expectations, got the vet bills taken care of, and made sure I had my own physical and mental injuries taken care of too. I am extremely grateful to have this team’s help in putting that chapter of my life behind me! Attached is a photo of my recovered and sweet little dog!

Elizabeth A.

Lane Brown, LLC are like family, a wonderful, caring and compassionate group. I appreciate them more than I could ever express. I was injured in 1998 & Lane Brown successfully settled my personal case. I was again injured in 2018 and Lane Brown again, stepped up to “bat”, successfully settling my personal case. When my life spiraled out of control due to someone else’s negligence, Lane Brown were there to help pick of the pieces and make me whole. I recommend Lane Brown 100%.

Gigi G.

The entire team at Lane Brown is welcoming and very professional. My experience with this company has been nothing short of compassionate and sensitive to my needs. My case was very detail oriented and handled with a great sense of importance by the associates while expressing a warming overall genuine concern for my well being. I will always appreciate this team of lawyers, who have now become apart of our family forever!

Mimi B.

Mr. Lane is a credit to his profession. He was the first and only attorney I contacted about my particulat type of case, that showed me true human regard and compassion. And in that simple act help me to let go of my drive for compensation. This is a rare attorney indeed!

Elizabeth Z.

After my dog was attacked by a much larger pit mix and required a couple of surgeries and ICU care, I needed help getting the dog owner to do the right thing and pay my bills. I was scared to leave my dog alone to go meet with a lawyer, so Mr. Lane went above and beyond and came to my house to meet with me. He and his team continued to exceed expectations, got the vet bills taken care of, and made sure I had my own physical and mental injuries taken care of too. I am extremely grateful to have this team’s help in putting that chapter of my life behind me! Attached is a photo of my recovered and sweet little dog!

Elizabeth A.

No one ever wants a personal injury attorney, but when you need one Lane Brown is THE place to look. I 100% could not have gone through this process without, Kevin Griffin. Number one – he cared about me as a person and about my well being physically. He answered all my questions so patiently and explained things so clearly. He was knowledgeable, responsive, and professional every step of the way. Lane Brown is worthy of your trust in times of trouble.

Michelle R.

I wanted to first say thank you for all your help. I did perhaps delay my review, I wanted to totally sum up my sentiment in the most proper way and because this feels like the time we’ve shared has come to an end. Kevin you have become not only a trusted staple in my family, who has been there every step of the way. For Lorenzo and I, you have calmed our fears, listened to our concerns and given us reassurances. You are not only an outstanding attorney, you are a wonderful human being. Who knew that a recommendation from my friend, Deirdre Cunningham, would lead to my case being settled in such a professional and personal way. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney nor law firm. Steven Lane is equally talented; he treated me like family. I was not only asked into his home where I met his wife, he had enough concern about me to place us together to accomplish the goal. My entire family absolutely adores you. Until next time (My house warming or whatever BBQ! LOL!), my friend, I wish you all the best in love, happiness and success!

Mrs. V. Young

Steve Lane and Kevin Griffith were absolutely wonderful to work with and I highly recommend them for all your legal needs. They are extremely responsive and dedicated.

Katherine L.

Very responsive and helped answer questions. I would highly recommend.

Danny R.

Outstanding knowledge and precise communication. Our case was complicated but we were guided through it with confidence, and we had a great result.

Seth A.

Stephen and the team were compassionate and worked hard for me during my entire case. Stephen brought peace and direction during one of the most difficult times in my life. I would highly recommend.

Angela C.

Mark Brown and his team of paralegals were exceptional. The results they were able to achieve for me in my personal injury case went well beyond my wildest expectations. Mark and his paralegals were efficient and always communicated in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone in need of excellent legal help and advice.

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