Unusual Types of Medical Malpractice Cases


All medical procedures come with a level of risk which should be fully explained to you and understood prior to consenting to a procedure. Some side effects or adverse reactions may be anticipated, but when an unusual event occurs you need the compensation you deserve. You put your trust in the medical professionals that will... Read More

Choosing Your Accident Attorney: Experience Matters


When it comes to personal injury law, you want to make sure you have someone you can trust on your side. Accidents and the injuries they may cause you are major parts of personal injury, which means you need someone who has experience in several different areas of personal injury. When you work with a... Read More

Five Signs of Medical Malpractice


When you schedule a doctor’s appointment, you expect to know more about your condition. You’re putting your life in their hands, and you trust them enough to follow their instructions every time you feel there’s something wrong with your body or mental state. The correct medication can protect you from lifelong consequences.  But medical professionals... Read More

How to Help Sex Abuse Survivors


Unfortunately, sex abuse happens and when it does, you may be unsure of how to help or support the survivor. Those who have experienced sexual abuse go through a series of emotions and reactions. No two survivors are the same.  Whether looking to be a supportive friend or preparing yourself to be an advocate for... Read More

How Important Is an Accident Report to an Injury Claim?


Accident reports are an important part of recovery from a car accident. Not only does this report show that the accident happened, but it details what happened, who was at fault, and records any injuries that were sustained.  In Illinois, it is important to know this report is essential, and how you can use that... Read More

Justice Means Closure: Why It’s Important for Sex Abuse Victims


Justice means closure for sex abuse victims. When an abuser is held accountable for their actions, it provides a sense of relief to the victim that can be life-changing. For too long, society has turned a blind eye to sexual abuse, choosing instead to protect the abuser. This must change. Victims of sexual abuse deserve... Read More

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