Personal Injury Lawyer in Waukegan, IL


You may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one have suffered injuries in Waukegan, IL, due to another party's negligence or reckless behavior. Your injury doesn’t impact you alone - it affects the lives of your family members, dependents, and other members of your community. It is vital to hold the responsible... Read More

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Waukegan, IL


Sharing the roads safely with others can be an enormous challenge. Even the most cautious motorcyclists can find themselves in a devastating accident in the blink of an eye. At Lane Brown, LLC, we understand how frightening, frustrating, and disruptive a motorcycle accident can be to your life, especially when you are not at fault.... Read More

Car Accident Lawyer in Waukegan, IL


Upwards of 9 people an hour are injured in an automobile accident in Illinois every day. Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of sharing the road with others. While car accidents are relatively commonplace - with an estimated 810 traffic crashes per day in Illinois - it does not make it any less stressful and... Read More

Sexual Abuse in Chicago Public Schools


When we send our kids to class, we expect more than a well-rounded education. We expect teachers and caregivers to protect our children’s safety and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many Chicago schools are not upholding that responsibility.  Hundreds of students have experienced sex abuse in Chicago public schools, causing trauma that can affect the child’s life for... Read More

Truck Accident Lawyer in Waukegan, IL


Even if you take all the necessary precautions, automobile collisions can still occur. In Illinois, commercial truck accidents comprise 9.3% of all vehicles involved in fatal traffic accidents. On average, that is over 175 commercial trucks annually. Sadly, these numbers are trending upward. If you or a loved one has been involved in a commercial... Read More

Illinois Clergy, Priests and Archdioceses with Credible Allegations, including Chicago


This list, compiled by Lane Brown, consists of Illinois clergy, priests and archdioceses who have credible allegations made against them. These individuals are either undergoing a continuing canonical process or their cases remain unresolved due to their death. This list serves as a critical resource for those seeking justice, community awareness, and transparency in the... Read More

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