You Should Know What’s Happening With a Child Sex Abuse Case

April 10, 2015

Are You Being Informed About the Progress of Your Child’s Sex Abuse Case?

It was very difficult for your family to come forward about a case of child sexual abuse, and you’ve been waiting as patiently as you can for updates about the legal process. If your attorney isn’t keeping you informed about the case, responding to your calls, or explaining the current situation in language you understand, it may be time to start demanding answers. After the trauma of speaking up, silence from a trusted ally can really hurt.

Parents Need Clear Communication From Their Attorneys About Child Sex Abuse Cases

While there isn’t always any new news for your attorney to report, you can’t make decisions for your family or move ahead if you never know what is going on. Child sex abuse cases are both stressful and sensitive, and they can last for many months…sometimes even years. The attorney you work with to help your child through the legal process should understand the difficulty of your family’s experience and always make keeping you informed a priority, including:

  • What the current status of your family’s case is
  • What that means for you in simple, straightforward terms
  • What to expect next from the legal process
  • What you and your family should be doing or preparing for
  • What the best-case and worst-case scenarios are in your situation

We understand that it isn’t easy to talk about the sexual abuse of a child or know whom to trust with your concerns. If you need free and confidential answers to your questions, our legal team is ready to speak with you at 312-332-1400.

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