Being Reasonable Isn’t Enough After a Serious Truck Wreck

April 7, 2015

Insurance Companies Don’t Always Act Reasonably When Working With Truck Accident Victims

You’re angry about how the truck accident happened. You’re in pain from your injuries. You’re worried about how much your medical care costs and how long you’ve been unable to go back to work. Your life feels like a mess, and you’re hardly looking forward to fighting with the insurance company for the compensation you deserve—but you know it’s the only way to hold a negligent company responsible for the accident and get the financial help you need. So you decide you’re just going to put your emotions aside, go through the formal steps, and be as reasonable as possible while you wait for a decision from the insurance company.

Unfortunately, it’s not always enough.

How Insurance Companies’ Unreasonable Behavior Becomes a Weapon Against You

When people get very seriously hurt in accidents with commercial trucks, insurance companies and the trucking companies they work with have a lot to lose. Although it seems to clear to you that the driver or company was to blame for what happened, it’s unlikely that the insurance company will simply pay you the full value of your claim and send you on your way. It’s not fair, but most victims and their families have to fight for the financial help they deserve—and being reasonable is only one part of the burden.

While it’s true that you should always be polite when speaking with representatives of the insurance company or trucking company, you shouldn’t get too comfortable. It is the insurance company’s job to pay you as little as possible for your injury claim. And while you should be realistic and reasonable about what you expect from a claim, you shouldn’t be too quick to accept the first settlement or assume you’re being told the whole story about your rights.

Being polite and doing everything the insurance company wants you to do probably won’t help you get the results you need from a truck accident case. Learn more about your rights and how to protect yourself by contacting our law office at 312-332-1400.

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