Don’t Feel Guilty About Fighting for What You Deserve

April 16, 2015

You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Asking for a Fair Outcome After a Truck Accident

Sometimes, it’s pressure from the insurance company that is making you feel a little guilty—or even accusations that you did something wrong before, during, or after the truck wreck that should reduce the amount of your claim. Sometimes, it’s just the shock of seeing the true “price tag” on the full extent of your injuries and losses. Either way, you shouldn’t feel guilty about asking for what you legitimately deserve from the insurance company for what you’ve been through because of the accident.

You have a legal right to recover financially when you are hurt because a negligent trucker or trucking company caused an accident. Realize that:

  • You were hurt because of someone else’s negligence. You didn’t ask to get hurt, and you are suffering life-changing injuries because someone else made a bad decision or didn’t follow through with their responsibilities.
  • Your injuries could affect you and your family for years to come. The injuries caused by an 18-wheeler or other large, commercial truck are often very serious and disabling. Your injury claim should account for the care you will need over your lifetime because of the accident.
  • You may have lost more than the cost of your medical bills. A serious truck accident can affect your ability to work, take care of your family, and participate in day-to-day activities. It can also leave you in severe, long-term pain. This is part of the reason why the law allows the victims of truck accidents to recover for less obvious costs, like pain and suffering.

Don’t accept less for the painful experience you’ve been thrown into by a negligent truck driver or trucking company. You can get the help you need to fight for your rights by contacting our law office today at 312-332-1400 or starting an online chat with one of our live operators.

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