A Chicago Injury Lawyer Shares Risk Factors for Construction Accidents

June 10, 2013

Construction sites are among the most dangerous workplace environments in America today. Workers are at risk of experiencing catastrophic injuries, illnesses, disability, or even death from hazardous circumstances and environmental factors on a daily basis. All too often, these construction site injuries occur with little warning.

Several risk factors contribute to construction site accidents and injuries including the following:

  • A wide array of work activities occurring simultaneously
  • High turnover rates of site workers
  • Many unskilled laborers performing dangerous tasks
  • Constantly changing job site environments and conditions
  • Bystander exposure where pedestrians and other site workers are exposed to health hazards related to the work of others nearby
  • Constantly changing relationships with other work groups

The environmental and social changes within a construction site can cause inconsistencies in work habits, relationships, and continuity of how teams work together. Any combination of these factors can greatly increase the risk of a Chicago construction site accident.

When these injuries occur, there may be many questions surrounding a victim’s legal rights, at-fault parties, and liability concerns.  Finding the best lawyer to advise you is a great place to start.

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