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Illinois Workers Hurt on the Job Don’t Always Have an Easy Time Getting Help

Workers are seriously injured or killed in Chicago and across the state of Illinois every year, and some of them wait for months or years for employers to take responsibility for what happened. Although most people believe that they will have access to workers compensation benefits or other forms of compensation without question after they are hurt, the reality is that some workers struggle to get the help they really need when they get hurt or become ill in the course of their employment.

It’s a sad truth, but many injured workers find out that they can’t obtain the protections they are entitled to on their own. This why our legal team works with so many Illinois workers and their families to fight for compensation and move on with their lives after workplace accidents.

Why Are Workers’ Injury Claims So Prone to Problems That Require Legal Help?

It should be simple, but it isn’t. Whether an accident, an unsafe work environment, or faulty equipment caused your injury, you could be dealing with a number of difficult and unexpected challenges, such as:

  • Problems with employers. Employers don’t always do the right thing when they are responsible for an employee who is hurt or killed on the job, and some workers are surprised when they run into pressure, threats, and an unwillingness to help from the companies they work for.
  • Problems with coworkers. Coworkers can play a big role in your work injury case, whether they are acting as witnesses or involved in an accident investigation. Unfortunately, they aren’t always willing to cooperate or help you hold an employer responsible.
  • Problems with insurance companies. The insurance companies who handle claims from injured workers are invested in paying as little as possible for accidents and illnesses, and workers can find themselves fighting to prove their injuries and defend their rights.
  • Problems with workers comp. If you are protected by workers compensation laws, it should be easy to get financial help with your medical bills after you are hurt at work. Unfortunately, injury claims are sometimes unfairly denied or left lingering, leaving workers with limited options while they recover.
  • Problems making sense of it all. Injured workers could be dealing with company representatives, insurance adjusters, workers comp personnel, company attorneys, endless paperwork, medical procedures, doctors, therapists, and more—and it gets confusing fast. Between complicated laws, uncooperative employers, and serious injuries, workers and their families can quickly become overwhelmed by the process.

However, while all of these challenges can be painfully real, they don’t have to prevent you from getting the compensation you need.

You Can Get Help Today with Difficult Illinois Work Injury Claims

Whether you have been hurt at work personally or have questions on behalf of a family member or loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for answers. The Chicago team at Lane Brown, LLC has helped seriously injured workers across Illinois tackle all kinds of legal roadblocks and difficult issues in relation to workplace injuries and illnesses, and we would be happy to answer your questions in a free and confidential case review. To start learning more today, you can call our Chicago office directly or use the convenient live-chat service on this page.

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