Chicago Injury Lawyer Reports on Proposal to Reclassify Tanning Beds

June 8, 2013

With thousands of Americans using tanning beds every day, the increased risk of skin cancer and other injuries has prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to re-examine the dangers of tanning beds. Recently, the agency has begun pushing to reclassify sunlamp products, including tanning beds, as Class II medical devices.

Currently, tanning beds are categorized as “low risk” medical devices—the same category in which basic medical devices, such as bandages, are classified. Because of this product description, FDA review or regulation of tanning beds is almost non-existent.

Tanning Bed Reclassification

The FDA has proposed reassigning tanning beds to the “mid-risk” category.  This would require tanning bed manufactures to do the following:

  • Conduct performance testing on the product
  • Establish that the tanning bed is mechanically safe
  • Establish that the lamp is electrically safe
  • Establish that the tanning bed software has been tested and verified
  • Show that the tanning bed is not harmful
  • Provide warning labels to ensure that the tanning bed is used and maintained in a safe manner
  • Warn consumers that repeated use of a tanning bed may cause skin cancer

A recently released study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine (AJPM) presented research that showed members of the tanning industry frequently ignore the safety regulations and codes that exist currently, putting unwitting consumers at risk of injury.

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