What Is Causing So Many Roll-over Truck Accidents Around Chicago?

February 28, 2014

This winter season has been an especially difficult time for many drivers on Chicago’s roadways. Ice and snow have turned Illinois’ highways into “accidents-waiting-to-happen.” This is especially true for semi-trucks. Numerous accounts of roll-over accidents have made news headlines over these winter months. Aside from winter weather road conditions, there are a few different factors that lead to the majority of semi-truck roll-over accidents.

  • Speed is the leading factor that causes most truck roll-over accidents. Because semi-trucks most commonly travel on highways, this doesn’t necessarily refer to a semi going 65 mph in a 55mph zone. In reality, it tends to refer to traveling too fast for the road conditions.
  • Curves are another significant problem that can lead to roll-over crashes. These are commonly found at on and off ramps for highways throughout the Chicago area. Driver misjudgment, speed, delivery time restraints, road rage, and improper sign postings can all contribute to roll-over crashes on roadway curves.
  • An inability to control the truck is also a problem for many drivers. Driver inexperience causes many drivers to overcorrect in hazardous situations. When this happens, truck roll-over accidents can happen very easily.
  • Driver distractions also cause too many truck accidents. An inattention to the road and a lack of sleep can cause drivers to drift between lanes and not see many hazards along the road—including other nearby vehicles. As a result, truck drivers may inadvertently cause accidents in the process of trying to avoid them.


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