Distracted Driving: Our Commitment to Community

February 21, 2014

At Lane Brown, our team of attorneys have taken the initiative to help inform area community leaders, parents, students, and school leaders about the dangers of distracted driving. Throughout our experiences working closely with victims of distracted driving accidents, we’ve gained firsthand knowledge of the physical, emotional, psychological, and financial hardship that results from resulting accidents. Because of this, we’d like to help promote awareness and protect other Chicago families from this devastation.
How We Are Spreading the Message of Safe Driving

We’ve taken the message to local schools through public presentations. Our talks are geared toward high school students, parent groups, teachers, and other community leaders who influence the lives of Chicago’s youth. The subjects we cover include:

Dangers of distracted driving
Safe driving practices for accident prevention
Tips to remember if you are involved in a Chicago car accident

Distracted driving continues to be one of the leading causes of traffic accidents throughout Illinois and the rest of the country. Young, inexperienced drivers tend to be in the age group of the greatest offenders, although no demographic is completely exempt from this problem.
What Is Distracting Our Motorists?

Cell phone use (talking, texting, taking pictures, etc…)
Other passengers in the car
Day dreaming
Using other electronics (radio, GPS, etc…)

We’ve had the privilege of sharing this information, at no cost, with numerous audiences over recent months, and look forward to more opportunities to communicate this life saving information with other schools throughout the greater Chicago area. If your school or organization is interested in learning more about the dangers of distracted driving, please contact us today. We’d be honored to come discuss this extremely important topic with your group.

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