The Dangerous Risks for Truck Drivers in it for the Long Haul

February 18, 2014

Are you one of the thousands of truck drivers employed by one of 100+ trucking companies throughout Illinois? Ever hear the phrase “In it for the long haul?” It’s been used in reference to personal relationships, jobs, education, and a host of other applications. As the phrase implies, distance and hard work are both factors in the endeavor, no matter what it is. This is quite literally part of the job description for a long haul truck driver.

In mid-2013, new federal regulations within the trucking industry were enacted in an effort to help prevent serious truck accidents and injuries. These laws put restrictions on when long haul truck drivers can work, how long they can drive in a single trip, and when they must take their breaks. For drivers traveling back-and-forth across the country each week, the job can be very fulfilling—yet still exhausting.  But, could there be a downside to these new restrictions that could also put truck drivers, and other motorists on the road, in danger?

The Negative Impact of Long Haul Truck Driving

  • The new federal regulations actually may be putting more semi-trucks on the road during rush hour. This is because drivers are limited in how long they can drive at night. These laws that affect when drivers can work may actually force them to take breaks when they aren’t tired, and drive when they are!
  • There are numerous serious health risks that can be attributed to long haul truck driving. These can include: heart disease, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer in the stomach, prostrate, lungs, and bladder. Truck drivers with compromised health are at a higher risk of getting into a serious accident on the road.
  • The nature of long haul truck driving can take a toll on the body. Chronic stress, inconsistent schedules, excess workloads, extreme time deadlines, and demanding physical labor can impact a driver’s physical, emotional, and mental health.


Fatigued, physically ill, overworked, and distracted long haul truck drivers can easily cause serious truck accidents in a split second, all because the odds are stacked against them from the start.

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