Most Common Illinois Medical Malpractice Claims

January 31, 2013

Pinpointing whether or not your medical ailments are a result of Illinois medical malpractice can be difficult.

It may seem like the pain and complications you are experiencing are just a side effect of the original medical problems you were facing, or that the injuries were a risk that you unfortunately were victim to.

That is why the Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Lane Brown want to discuss two commonly overlooked medical malpractice injuries, in order to help readers better recognize them and hopefully prevent them from happening.

Commonly overlooked medical malpractice injuries include:

  • Problems with anesthesia. If an anesthesiologist does not correctly administer the anesthetics according to a patient’s height, weight, age, and allergies, there can be devastating consequences. In addition to the patient potentially waking up during the middle of the surgery or procedure and feeling excruciating pain, there is also the risk that the patient could be given too much anesthesia and pass away.
  • Surgical mistakes. These mistakes include everything from operating on the wrong limb to accidentally cutting an artery. There have also been serious cases that involved surgical teams mistakenly leaving behind foreign objects, like gauze or tools, inside the body before stitching up the surgical site. This can cause a serious infection, sometimes leading to death.

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