Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawsuit: Statue of Limitations

January 31, 2013

Enlisting the help of an experienced Chicago medical malpractice attorney is one of the best ways to ensure fair compensation for injuries resulting from a doctor or hospital’s mistake.

Not only will the attorney be able to handle all correspondence with the doctor’s malpractice insurance company, but the attorney will also manage the ordering of medical records relating to the injuries, as well as the corresponding medical bills.

There will, however, come a point in the medical malpractice claim where you will be asked to provide information to the firm. This request could come in the form of a document that needs your signature, a synopsis of what happened, or even a list of all medical providers you have seen over the years.

Whatever it is that your attorney needs, it is imperative that you make the effort to get him the information he needs as quickly as possible.

In Illinois, there is a limited timeframe to bring a claim against a doctor or hospital for medical malpractice. Referred to as the statute of limitations, the law states that a lawsuit for medical malpractice must generally be filed within two years from the date that the victim knew, or should have known, about the malpractice. If you or your attorney fails to file the lawsuit in time, you may be forever barred from bringing suit against the at-fault party, even if the claim had merit and had a good chance of being won.

In order to help your attorney do everything he can to avoid reaching that statute of limitations, make sure to provide any and all documentation the lawyer requests.

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