Important Resources for Parents of Sexually Abused Children

October 1, 2014

Your child is suffering from the horrific acts of child sex abuse committed by a priest in Chicago, a teacher in Glenview, a youth group advisor in Arlington Heights, or another trusted adult in the Chicago area. The damage has been done. You would like to go back and prevent your child from ever experiencing the physical and psychological pain of sexual abuse, but you know you can’t. Instead, you have to focus your efforts on your child’s recovery.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

But you do need to know where to get help. Every child and every family is different, but you should consider the following resources as you begin the difficult path to recovery:

  • Pediatrician
  • Child psychologist or counselor
  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Research organizations
  • Professional organizations
  • Public awareness organizations


Additionally, you might find useful information in research journals and university courses. provides links to many different types of organizations and journals that could be useful to parents of sexual abuse victims.

You may not need all of the resources listed above. What works for some parents of child sex abuse victims may not work for other parents. However, it is important to know about as many resources as possible so that you can find the help that you need for your child, for you, and for your entire family.

Have you found any organizations or support systems that were helpful to you or your child after a sexual abuse incident? Please leave a comment and share the information with other Chicago-area parents who may be facing similar ordeals. And if you have any questions about your child’s legal recovery, do not hesitate to contact our office directly.

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