Signs of Drowsy Driving That Every Motorist Should Know

October 2, 2014

Drowsy driving is a serious problem that rivals driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation reports that 60 percent of American motorists admit to having driven while fatigued in the past, and 37 percent of drivers admit to having fallen asleep while driving in the past twelve months. The first step in preventing dangerous drowsy driving accidents is to recognize the symptoms of drowsy driving.

Seven Signs a Driver Shouldn’t Be Behind the Wheel

How tired is too tired to drive? Motorists should stop and rest if they are:

  • Having difficulty focusing or keeping their eyes open
  • Daydreaming
  • Missing exits or traffic signs
  • Not remembering the last few miles of travel
  • Exhibiting physical signs of fatigue such as yawning, rubbing their eyes, or having trouble keeping their heads up
  • Feeling restless or cranky
  • Having trouble staying in their lanes


Coffee, open windows, and loud music are no substitution for sleep and rest. Instead, tired drivers should stop driving until they are rested. Otherwise, they could cause a serious crash, a devastating injury, or a death on I-94, I-55 or another Chicago-area road.

Educate Others About the Dangers

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