How to Sue for Elder Financial Abuse

July 22, 2021
How to Sue for Elder Financial Abuse

It’s unfortunate, but the elderly are often victims of financial abuse. 

For example, elderly people in homes can experience financial abuse by caretakers or other people working in the home. 

Elders can also be abused in domestic settings and by relatives who come to their home and take their money or convince them to give them power of attorney to get money from them. 

Part of suing someone for elder financial abuse is filing a lawsuit and partnering with a personal injury lawyer in Chicago. In some cases, the elderly person might not be aware that they are being financially abused and they may need you to help them with the legal process. 

Elder Financial Abuse Factors

The first step for suing is to determine what kind of financial abuse took place and how it happened. If your loved one is elderly, watch out for these signs from caregivers, nursing homes, or other people they might spend a majority of their time with:

  • Growing interest in the person’s wealth or assets 
  • Suddenly having a new friend that they do everything with
  • A new power of attorney 
  • Amendments to their will or trust funds 

If you help them with their finances or they are not mentally capable of handling their finances on their own, you can look for the following signs of financial abuse:

  • Unusual bank account activity 
  • Transactions that they have difficulty explaining or don’t recognize 
  • Diminished health or mental capacity 

What to Do if You Suspect Elder Financial Abuse 

If you know someone who is experiencing elder abuse, you can contact the Adult Protective Services. They have support resources for each state that go through the guidelines for helping elders who are experiencing financial abuse. 

Contact an attorney on behalf of your loved one to discuss filing a lawsuit against the person who is conducting the financial abuse. An attorney will be able to gather evidence and form a list of witnesses to help determine how the abuse took place and establish a timeline for how long it has been happening. 

Some people don’t take financial abuse as seriously as emotional or physical abuse, but it can be just as devastating and detrimental to the health of your loved one. If you notice anything suspicious going on, it’s better to take the proper steps and file a lawsuit as soon as you see an issue. 

You can also try to avoid elder financial abuse by making sure your loved one doesn’t sign over their estate or money to someone you don’t know or don’t know well. 

Get Ahold of a Lawyer to Suing Elder Financial Abuse 

If you are concerned about someone you know experiencing financial abuse in their golden years, it’s important to learn how to sue for elder financial abuse. Contacting an elder abuse lawyer is something to consider because they can help you with the court orders and paperwork. 

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