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When your loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of their caregiver, you can work with an esteemed elder abuse lawyer in Chicago to secure maximum compensation for all your relative has been through.

Having to place a close family member into a nursing home or assisted living facility because they can’t care for themselves anymore can be quite difficult. But when you suspect that they are being abused by staff members or others at the facility, you’re likely filled with remorse for placing them in that facility.

Of course, nursing homes themselves aren’t the issue here—rather it’s the so-called caregivers who have been abusing your loved one at this particular facility. You should do everything you can to the best of your ability to protect your loved one and others who are residing at this negligent Chicago nursing home or elder care location.

The attorneys at Lane Brown, LLC are prepared to help you bring the person or persons who are responsible for harming your family member to justice by pursuing a civil lawsuit against them. This way, your loved one will also have the funds they need to pick up the pieces of their lives. Work with a Chicago elder abuse lawyer today.

Forms of Elder Abuse

There are a few different types of elder abuse that you should be aware of if you suspect that your relative has been or is being abused in Chicago. Some of the most common kinds of elder abuse include:

As you can imagine, the impact of any such abuse can be devastating to endure. As your family member’s advocate, it’s up to you to remove your loved one from the facility the moment that you suspect elder abuse.

After you’ve made sure that the abuse has been stopped, you can reach out to your attorney as soon as possible, file a report with the police department, and begin building a case against whoever is responsible for the abuse your elderly family member endured in Chicago.

Pursuing Compensation for Your Loved One’s Suffering

Working with an attorney to file a civil claim is a far different process from the criminal case the abuser will be facing. When you pursue an elder abuse claim, you’ll be seeking compensation for the economic and non-economic damages your loved one suffered, including pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, property damages, loss of companionship and love, emotional distress, medical costs, and any other ways your family member has suffered at the hands of their caregiver.

Though it may be difficult, it will be critical to the success of your Chicago elder abuse claim to review every single loss so that you can achieve maximum compensation on your loved one’s behalf.

Get Help from a Chicago Elder Abuse Attorney

When you’re ready to hold the at-fault party accountable for the suffering inflicted upon your loved one, get in touch with an experienced Chicago elder abuse lawyer at Lane Brown, LLC.

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