Choosing Your Accident Attorney: Experience Matters

October 17, 2022

When it comes to personal injury law, you want to make sure you have someone you can trust on your side. Accidents and the injuries they may cause you are major parts of personal injury, which means you need someone who has experience in several different areas of personal injury.

When you work with a Chicago personal injury lawyer, you want to know you’ve got experience on your side. Here’s why experience is so important. 

How to Choose a Lawyer

There are several things you may want to look for when considering which lawyer to have on your side:

  • Experience – The more experienced your lawyer is, the better chance you have at winning your case. Consider looking through your lawyer’s case history. They should have lots of experience with accident cases similar to your own, with a great track record. 
  • Comfort – Being comfortable with your lawyer is one of the most important parts of choosing your attorney. You should be able to talk to your lawyer, as well as their staff members, with confidence. 
  • Communication – A lawyer who is willing to make time for you to answer your questions and talk about your case is an important aspect of being a great attorney. Look for an attorney who will be accessible to you within reason.
  • Recommendations – Whether or not you got your attorney’s name from the web or from a friend, make sure they have trusted clients they have worked with. Look at their history and see their success rate with clients.

Of all these, experience is one of the key elements to a successful client-attorney relationship. That’s because a lawyer builds a history with other clients, communication skills, and concern for their clients through experience. Building these skills takes time, and an accident attorney without years of experience may simply not have time to develop them. 

Picking an Experienced Lawyer

Experience is one of the key aspects of seeking someone for any job, so it should be considered when looking for an attorney as well. There are a variety of personal injury cases you could file, so it’s important to seek out a lawyer with experience in your claim type. A lawyer who knows these claim types has the resources needed to handle your case.

For example, a medical malpractice claim will have a different set of rules than a car accident claim, as doctors are held to different standards than average drivers. A personal injury lawyer may also consider the likelihood of negligence or the role of insurance companies in your case. Knowing whether your lawyer has handled these claim types in the past is key. 

Choose an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer to Help Your Claim

If you or a family member were injured in an accident, you may be looking at receiving damages for your suffering. However, you need an experienced attorney to help you navigate through the sea of uncertainty.

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