Unusual Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

November 2, 2022

All medical procedures come with a level of risk which should be fully explained to you and understood prior to consenting to a procedure. Some side effects or adverse reactions may be anticipated, but when an unusual event occurs you need the compensation you deserve.

You put your trust in the medical professionals that will be taking care of you before, during, and after your surgery or new treatment plan. But what happens when those medical professionals make an error resulting in harm to you or a family member? Unfortunately, medical malpractice cases are more common than you think, from everyday errors to more uncommon types.

Wrong Site, Wrong Patient, Wrong Procedure

Wrong-patient, wrong-site, and wrong-procedure errors are incidents that hospitals work diligently to avoid putting many safeguards in place, but sadly, they still occur. The emotional and physical impacts of this surgery are far beyond what many of us can imagine. 

Operating room staff has preventative measures in place to prevent this from ever happening, but mistakes still occur.  Imagine needing an amputation of your leg, only to wake up and find that the wrong leg was amputated. Now, not only will you need to undergo surgery to have the right leg removed, but you’ve lost a healthy leg, too.

In other cases, patients may be mistaken for others. For example, you may have been taken into a surgical procedure, but you were mistaken for another patient and given a surgery you didn’t need. This leads to more surgeries and care, wasting time and leading to a longer recovery for your original condition and any surgical mistakes. 

DNA Fertility Mix-Up

Fertility services are used by one-third of Americans across the United States. There are many fertility clinics in Illinois alone. This is an expensive and emotional journey for all parties involved. 

Unfortunately, some fertility clinic staff don’t take care to use the correct materials. For example, some people have found themselves impregnated by a donor besides their partner or the donor they consented to accept. Your lawyer can help you prove the fertility clinic made a mistake that impacted your family. 

Allergic Reactions

When you’re in the hospital, you expect your doctor to pay attention to any health conditions you may have that can impact your care. Unfortunately, some have suffered because doctors have not looked for signs of other conditions, like allergic reactions. 

For example, many people are allergic to latex, which is found in many medical gloves. If your doctor doesn’t check your information or fails to take that information into account, it can leave you suffering from a severe reaction that damages your health. 

Seek Help for Unusual Medical Malpractice Cases 

Careless errors made by healthcare workers are inexcusable. We are here to get you the compensation you deserve to assist with your road to recovery. 

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