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If you want to get around without a car, there are a lot of public transit options available in Illinois—and it can be more convenient than walking or biking if you have a long way to go. In Chicago, huge numbers of both visitors and city natives use the city’s extensive public transportation systems to get where they need to go, and that may mean riding buses or trains operated by:

  • Transit Authority (CTA). The CTA carries about 1.7 million people on an average weekday, and it is the major provider of public transit in the Chicago metropolitan area. It operates both buses and rail cars on the some of the most popular routes in the city, including the Blue Line to O’Hare and the Orange Lines on the Loop.
  • Metra. Metra operates commuter rail lines across several counties in the Chicago area. It’s often used by passengers to connect with trains and buses operated by other agencies, and it serves over 100 communities with its 241 stations across the region.
  • Pace. Many commuters in the Chicago suburbs are familiar with Pace services. The Pace service area covers 3,500 square miles, and it is one of the biggest bus services in the United States and Canada. Besides its fixed bus lines, the transit provider also operates its Dial-a-Ride programs and vanpools.

Cross-country bus lines like MegaBus and Greyhound also have hubs in Chicago, and numerous taxis carry passengers throughout the city daily. For the most part, any of these mass public transportation services are safe for passengers. However, there are times when something goes wrong—and a single accident can really matter.

A Single Public Transportation Accident Can Affect the Lives of Numerous Passengers

Taking the train or bus is often touted as a safer alternative to driving, but statistics only mean so much when an accident does take place. While these public transit services are generally safe for passengers, there can still be risks. It may be comparatively rare for a bus or train to be involved in an accident, but the devastation of these kinds of accidents when they do happen makes them hard to compare to passenger car accidents on the highway. While there’s no reason to live in fear of a possible accident every time you catch a train or bus, there are some things you should understand.

No matter how safe public transportation agencies try to be, the sheer number of buses, trains, and passengers mean that mistakes are likely to happen once in a while. However, although accidents may not be common, they can affect hundreds of people at a time. The injuries can be quite serious, and passengers may even lose their lives. In some cases, passengers are not even the only people affected by these crashes. Motorists, bystanders, innocent employees of the transit service, and others in the vicinity of the incident often find themselves on the losing end of a catastrophe, as well.

However, the numerous people whose lives are changed by a public transportation accident aren’t without options for recovery. When a tragic train or bus accident happens because an operator is tired, someone forgets to report a needed repair, or passenger safety is otherwise threatened in preventable ways, all the people who are seriously hurt by those mistakes or oversights may have to right to take legal action.

What You Should Know After a Chicago Public Transportation Accident

A knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand all your legal rights following a catastrophic mass-transit accident. Your injuries may be devastating, removing any sense of normality following an accident, and it is likely that you will need help as you recover. Receiving the fair and complete compensation you are entitled to may help alleviate the financial burden of your recovery process and create hope for your family’s future after the accident.

If you need help, the experienced attorneys at Lane Brown, LLC would be happy to review your case of injury related to:

Bus Accidents

With millions of individuals riding every year, catastrophic bus accidents put a large number of riders at risk of serious injury or death with every trip. Chicago bus accidents and injuries are commonly caused by:

  • Incompetent or inexperienced bus drivers
  • Mechanical failures
  • Bus manufacturer defects
  • Bus collisions or rollovers
  • Bus-stop accidents

Train and Metra Accidents

Train versus man is a never an equal match. Although train accident injuries may seem to be relatively few in number, they are usually catastrophic for the person who is hurt. Chicago train accidents and injuries are commonly caused by:

  • Operator fatigue or error
  • Derailments
  • Preventable slip-and-fall injuries at train stations
  • “Third-rail” injuries or death
  • Doors closing on limbs
  • Insufficient security or safety measures at stations and platforms
  • Dangerous or hazardous content spills from train derailments

Our attorneys are also knowledgeable about the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) and the laws concerning railroad worker injuries.

Other Mass-Transit Accidents

At Lane Brown, LLC, we know that public transportation injuries are not limited to buses or trains. We are also equipped to handle other kinds of public transportation accident cases, such as:

No matter how complex or difficult your case may be, our attorneys at Lane Brown, LLC pursue every case we accept with the determination and skill needed to receive justice for our clients.

How to Find the Right Attorney for a Public Transportation Accident Case

While there are a lot of factors in the success of victims’ cases, one of the biggest factors can be the attorney he or she chooses to work with. If you have been injured as a passenger with Metra, Pace, the CTA, or another public transportation service, here are some tips for finding an attorney who is the right fit for you:

  • Look for someone with specific experience. If you’ve been hurt in a public transportation accident, it’s wise to look for an attorney who has experience with similar kinds of cases against taxi, bus, and rail services. While these kinds of accidents may share some similarities with other injury cases, they also come with some unique challenges that require focused knowledge and legal skill.
  • Remember that location matters. The rules, laws, and regulations that govern public transportation safety often come down from the state or city level, so the location of your attorney really can matter. You should look for someone who is deeply familiar with the laws in the city where you were hurt and understands local concerns.
  • Don’t forget about your own needs. If you don’t feel comfortable with an attorney or don’t feel that your needs are being met, you should pay attention to your feelings. Make sure that the attorney you choose offers the kind of support you need, can explain complicated concepts in simple language, and makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Why Lane Brown, LLC May Be Right for You and Your Family After a Serious Injury

The law firm of Lane Brown, LLC has helped seriously injured victims across the state of Illinois who have been hurt while using public or commercial transportation. Our Chicago location means that we understand local laws and regulations, and we often rely on the very same transit services that our clients do. We have a long history of helping individuals and families succeed with their cases, and we encourage you to ask questions and get to know us better—just reach out today at .

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