$1.8 Million for Man Hurt in Accident With a Teen Driver

On October 5, 2013, a 42-year-old man was traveling through an intersection on a green light when he was hit by a car turning left. The 16-year-old driver who hit him did not have a turn arrow when entering the intersection and did not react to the oncoming traffic with the green light. Whether it was distraction, poor judgment, or another reason, it remains unknown why the teen driver turned into the oncoming traffic. However, as a result of the collision, the man sustained severe injuries.

Our client had to be extracted from his car by emergency responders at the scene and was rushed to the hospital. While in the hospital, he underwent multiple surgeries, including the placement of surgical screws and hardware. Fortunately, he was released about two weeks later with home healthcare in place, but his recovery from the accident was far from over.

Long and Difficult Recovery Even After Release From the Hospital

Our client continued to work hard to recover, but he was still struggling with many challenges. He was unable to work at either of his jobs as a high-school facility manager and soccer coach. He was weak and unable to walk for quite some time. He eventually was able to try forearm crutches to get around, but struggled with pain and stiffness.

While he was cleared to return to work in April 2014 and was no longer using assistive devices, he found it both painful and exhausting to do so. Although passionate about soccer from a very young age, our client found that he was now limited to giving verbal instruction to his students instead of physical demonstrations. His doctor decided to remove the knee hardware used to repair his tibial plateau fracture in June 2015, but pain was still an issue in July. His doctor told him that some of the pain, weakness, and lack of endurance he was experiencing would be permanent; additional surgery may be necessary in the future.

Our client was very independent prior to accident. He was very active and worked at physically demanding jobs. His hobbies included running, biking, weightlifting, bowling, and working on cars. Now, although his recovery was truly miraculous, he was left unable to do many of the activities he once enjoyed.

Victim Turns to Lane Brown, LLC for Help Getting the Compensation He Deserves

Our client and his wife worked hard as a team to make a great recovery from the man’s numerous severe injuries. However, while our client ultimately made an extraordinary recovery from this horrific car accident, it was a life-changing and costly experience for him and his family. With the skilled help of Partner Scott Lane, our client’s case settled at mediation for $1.8 million. We are pleased that the mediator, defense attorney, and insurance company all made an excellent effort to resolve the case early, and the victim was able to get the financial support he needs and deserves.

If you or a family member is going through a similar experience following a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced attorneys for information about your rights.

Awarded: $1,800,000.00

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