Injured in Accident With UPS or FedEx Truck?

June 21, 2015

Three Crucial Steps for the Victims of Car Accidents Involving FedEx or UPS Trucks

FedEx and UPS handle millions of packages each day around the world; that workload translates into a constant bustle of their freight and delivery trucks on the road. Whether you’re on the highway or driving in town, it’s not unusual to see these package delivery vehicles everywhere you go. However, with so many trucks, vans, and drivers on the road, there are always risks for serious accidents. Here are some things you should know if you or a family member has recently been hit.

Get Medical Attention, Then Follow These Three Easy Steps

While the very first step should always be seeking medical attention for your injuries, there are some concerns even after you’re on the road to recovery. Huge international shipping companies like FedEx and UPS are experienced in defending against victims’ claims of injury in accidents with their trucks. As a result, victims can be starting from a disadvantage. But it doesn’t necessarily have to stay that way.

In order to protect your rights even before you understand them, you should carefully consider taking the following three steps:

  • Don’t give a recorded statement. You may be asked to give a statement over the phone or on video about the accident in which you were hurt. However, these kinds of recorded or formal statements may not be necessary. The package company may be interested in getting a statement before you fully understand your rights in hopes of collecting information that can be used to minimize any potential injury claim you file.
  • Don’t accept any money or sign any documents for the accident. It is possible that the package company or its insurance company will attempt to offer you compensation for your medical bills or ask you to sign documents shortly after you get hurt. However, if you don’t really understand what kind of care you might need or what your case is worth, you should wait to consider these options until you’ve spoken with an experienced attorney of your own choosing.
  • Do contact an experienced attorney for help. Unlike regular car accidents, wrecks that involve vehicles from a major corporation can quickly become overwhelming. If you are feeling confused or pressured to make decisions about your potential claim, it is extremely important that you at least take the time to speak with an attorney who has helped people in similar situations succeed with their cases.

Although they may seem fairly simple, these three steps can go a long way toward preserving your rights until you can get the information you need about a UPS or FedEx accident.

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