The Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Chicago

May 22, 2018
The Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Chicago

Millions of people travel through Chicago every day. Due in part to the traffic congestion our city suffers, we see countless car accidents every year.

Some intersections are much more dangerous than others. Continue reading to learn more about hazardous Chicago intersections and which roads you should be extra careful on.

What Makes One Intersection More Hazardous Than Another?

Many factors can make an intersection dangerous. Some of the most common traits of a risky intersection include the following:

You’ll want to be especially cautious when you are traveling through an intersection that has any of the above risks. Don’t be another statistic—make sure that when you are driving through a dangerous intersection, you are doing everything you can to drive safely.

High Fatality and Crash Rates in These Cross Streets

The following intersections are known to be risky for Chicago drivers. Many crashes in these areas result in death, and victims lucky enough to survive often suffer serious injuries. If you’ve been injured in any of these cross streets or another intersection in Chicago, contact a qualified auto accident lawyer to discuss the details of your case.

Stony Island and South Chicago Avenue

Situated directly below the exit and entry ramps of the Chicago Skyway, this intersection is difficult to navigate partly because the beams of the Skyway obstructing the view of drivers. Traffic lights and street signs are difficult to read at this six-way intersection. There are crosswalks encircling the intersection but no lanes for bikers.

North Damen and Milwaukee

With five roads converging at this intersection, the intersection of North Damen and Milwaukee is heavily populated by restaurants, banks, gyms, and various retail shops. The area does have bike lanes, but bicyclists often ignore these, as well as the traffic signals.

Irving Park, Cicero, and Milwaukee

Portage Park is home to this six-corners intersection. Surrounded by shopping centers and side streets that allow additional traffic to congest the intersection, the intersection of Cicero and Milwaukee at Irving Park has up to four lanes of traffic, off-street parking, bus stops, and no lanes of traffic for bikers. It does have crosswalks across and between every road, however.

Belmont and Kedzie Avenue

The intersection of Belmont and Kedzie avenues is infamous for being dangerous. Not only is it directly underneath the Kennedy Expressway, with barriers often blocking the view of drivers who need to make a turn, but the lighting in the underpass is minimal, making it hard for drivers to see anything at all. This is a problem when there is a constant stream of vehicles pulling off of the Expressway.

Western and Peterson Avenue

This intersection is dangerous due to the up to four lanes of traffic on either side of the road. Also, there are multiple car dealerships here—full of people shakily test driving potential purchases. Crosswalks line all four sides of the intersection, although there are no lanes for bike riders. Street signs here can also be difficult to read.

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