Many Different People May Contact You After a Truck Accident

March 7, 2015

Who Are All These People Contacting You After Your Truck Accident?

You’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer, or commercial truck. While you’re at home recovering from your injuries—or even while you’re still in the hospital receiving treatment for the accident—you start getting all kinds of phone calls from different people who want to “help” you with your potential insurance claim or “just get a little information.” They may even contact your spouse or other family members, especially if you’ve been very badly hurt. But who are all these people—and what do they want?

Numerous Insurance Adjusters and Company Representatives May Try to Contact Your Family After You’ve Been Hurt

Victims of major truck accidents are often completely unaware that the trucking companies and insurance companies involved in the accident immediately spring into action to manage—and minimize—your injury claim. As these companies prepare to defend against any potential claim of negligence, victims might be contacted by insurance adjusters from:

  • The trucking company’s insurance company
  • The commercial driver’s insurance company
  • Insurance companies for other driver who were also involved in the wreck

In some cases, you or your family may even be contacted by company attorneys or representatives of the trucking company. However, no matter who contacts you about a truck-accident claim, remember that anything you say could be used to minimize your claim later on—so it’s important to know your rights.

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