A Chicago Car Wreck Lawyer Says Car Accidents Are the Number One Cause of Teenage Death

For teenagers across America, getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage. However, there is a serious side to this story—car accidents are the number one killer of teenagers in America. In fact, statistics show that eight teens die every day in car crashes.

Graduated Driver’s License Laws

Most states, including Illinois, have enacted graduated driving license laws in an attempt to reduce the number of teen-related car crash injuries and deaths.  Graduated driver’s license laws typically restrict night driving and place limits on the number of passengers that can ride with a novice driver. These restrictions make sense; statistics show teens drivers are four times more likely to crash than are adult drivers.

Following are some of the major factors that contribute to teenage driving accidents and the resulting injuries:

  • Driver Inexperience – Teen drivers are most likely to crash a car during the first year of driving.
  • Multiple Passengers – With each passenger that rides in a car driven by a teenager, the chance of accident increases.
  • Not Wearing a seat belt – Teenage drivers have the lowest rate of seat belt use, as compared to all other drivers. This increases the risk for injury or death during an accident
  • Nighttime Driving – Reduced visibility increases the chance of an accident for all drivers and is especially dangerous for new drivers.
  • Distracted Driving –Talking,  texting, eating, adjusting a radio, fiddling with a global positioning device (GPS), and loud passengers can make focusing on the road a more difficult task. When these distractions are combined with driver inexperience, it creates a dangerous situation.

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