When Was the Last Time You “Booked Up” on Driving in the Snow?

Most of us have at least one friend or relative who is proud of his or her ability to drive in even the worst winter weather. However, don’t be fooled! Over time, it’s easy to get caught up in your own confidence as a driver and let a few precautions fall to the wayside—with disastrous results. No matter how experienced you are with snow-packed streets and slushy highways, take a moment in the New Year to refresh your memory on the rules of driving safely in snowfall.

It Makes Sense to Think Ahead

A big part of driving safely in the snow is what you do before you get behind the wheel. Here are some steps you can take to put the focus on safety before you get caught in a winter storm:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good repair and ready for winter, including:
    • tires
    • windshield wipers
    • fluid levels
    • battery
    • lights
    • heater
  • Stock your car with emergency supplies, water bottles, extra blankets, etc.
  • Tune your radio to local weather and traffic reports so that you’re prepared for the conditions on the road.
  • Consider just staying put if a storm is coming or the weather is very severe.

Driving Safely in the Snow Is All About Attention and Control

If you do have to drive in snowy conditions, you can take steps to minimize your risk of an accident, and it really boils down to two simple things:

  • Attention. Avoid any distractions behind the wheel. Stay focused on the act of driving, and be aware of the drivers and conditions around you so that you’re ready to react.
  • Control. Surviving a snowy drive is all about maintaining control of your vehicle and controlling risk factors. Make sure that you’re in control by slowing down to an appropriate speed for the weather, buckling up, staying calm, and understanding how to react if you do get stuck or start to slide.


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