A Chicago Car Crash Lawyer Shares Tips for Driving in Perilous Weather

March 3, 2013

The transition between winter and spring often proves to be a dangerous time for Chicago drivers. Weather can be very erratic, changing from warm and rainy conditions during the day, to cold and snowy overnight. The quickly changing conditions can create hazardous city roadways for area drivers.

In an effort to help keep you safe on crowded Chicago roadways, here are a few adverse weather driving safety tips to consider before heading out in your car:

Check the local news and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) web site for vital travel and safety information.
Do not go out on the roads unless you absolutely have to.
Allow extra time for travel. Be sure to give yourself time to slow down or take a different route if needed.
Be sure your headlights are working properly. Travel with your headlights on their standard setting during rain, snow, or fog—high beams will not help you to see better in adverse weather.
Be sure your wiper blades are in proper working order.
Clear your windows completely of snow or ice and do not start driving until they have defrosted completely.
Pull over if you are caught driving in the middle of an intense Illinois rainstorm or a blinding snowstorm and feel unsafe. Find a safe place to stop and wait until conditions improve before continuing.

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