Damages That Often Go Overlooked in Car Accident Claims

June 20, 2018
Damages That Often Go Overlooked in Car Accident Claims

When you’ve suffered injuries after being involved in an auto accident, it is vitally important that you consider every single loss you endured as you calculate the value of your claim. You’ll need to discuss your economic and non-economic damages in detail with your attorney to ensure that no damage goes unaccounted for.

The damages that are almost always included are your medical expenses, your pain and suffering, your lost wages and damage to your potential future earnings, your emotional distress, the loss of enjoyment of life, your property damage, and loss of consortium.

However, some car accident damages are easily overlooked, but they impact victims’ lives and should be considered when determining what your claim is actually worth. Read on to learn more about overlooked losses in car crash claims.

Loss of Household Services

The loss of household services can apply to any aspect of the care of your home that has been affected by your injuries. This might include your ability to mow the lawn, do laundry, wash dishes, vacuum your floors, move furniture, clean the bathrooms, prepare meals, and even take care of your children.

Why this damage often goes overlooked is unclear, but with Lane Brown, LLC on your side, you can be sure that this loss will be taken into account.

Scarring and Disfigurement

If you have suffered an injury that has disfigured you, you should be compensated accordingly. Dealing with the effects of disfigurement can be just as dramatic as the accident itself.

For example, let’s say you suffered third-degree burns across a large portion your body during your car accident. The emotional impact of these disfiguring scars can be devastating and difficult to overcome.

You might suffer from severe depression and other mental health issues that stem from your disfiguring injuries. Some people even find it difficult to look themselves in the mirror after enduring such disfigurement. Hardships like this warrant maximum compensation.

Damage to Your Driving Reputation

Everyone knows that when you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, your auto insurance premiums will almost always go up—often regardless of whose fault the accident was.

When you report your accident to your insurance company, you almost expect that your premiums will go up. It is important that we consider the damage to your driving reputation—and the related financial impacts—when seeking compensation for your auto accident damages.

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