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Have you suffered a severe burn in an accident caused by someone else’s careless behavior? If you’re looking for help holding the negligent party accountable, contact a Chicago severe burn lawyer today.

The impact of a burn injury can be equally as traumatic as the effects of a traumatic brain injury, amputation, or paralysis. You could be looking at a lengthy hospital stay and painful skin graft procedures that can take a serious physical and emotional toll.

When you are ready to seek compensation for all you’ve been through, an experienced Chicago burn injury lawyer at Lane Brown, LLC can help. We are more than qualified to bring forward a powerful personal injury claim so you can continue to recover without financial worry.

The Effects of Severe Burns

The most severe burns are known as third-degree burns, in which both the outer layer of skin and the inner layer are effectively destroyed. Third-degree burns are often disfiguring, and treatment will depend largely on the area that has been burned and whether damage to the bones, nerves, and tendons is also present.

Cleaning of the burned area is often painful due to the removal of the dead skin, despite not being able to feel pain on the burned skin itself. Skin grafts can be used to close the wounds when a full-thickness burn occurs, while antibiotic creams and prescription painkillers can help for lesser burns.

People suffering from severe burns in Chicago often experience post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, in addition to significant loss of mobility, scarring, and recurrent skin infections due to a compromised immune system and resulting inability to fight off infection.

Compensation for Your Chicago Burn Injury

When your burn injuries could have been prevented if it hadn’t been for the recklessness of someone else, the person responsible should be required to cover your costs. With severe burns, you likely accumulated significant medical expenses. The liable party should cover these bills in their entirety.

Medical expenses associated with Chicago burn injuries can include the costs of prescription medications, copays, your hospital bills, costs of surgical procedures, the cost of home health care, the costs of transportation to and from your doctor visits, and medical equipment.

Other areas that should be included in your compensation request include your loss of wages and future earning potential, the loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship and love, your pain and suffering, the effects of disfigurement, and mental anguish.

Our goal will be to ensure that the person who has caused you harm reimburses you to the fullest extent possible for the damages he or she has caused. You should never need to worry about steadily accruing bills when someone else has put these hardships on you.

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