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Are you struggling to get by after being injured in a car accident? If so, consult with a Chicago auto injury attorney today.

Being injured in an auto accident is usually an unexpected and traumatizing experience. People who suffer severe injuries face a significant amount of time out of work, which will often add an unnecessary financial burden to their plates while they should be using their energy to recover from the accident.

At Lane Brown, LLC, it is our goal to minimize this stress while maximizing the amount of compensation you take home for your damages. If you team up with a Chicago auto injury lawyer at our firm, we’ll be sure to hold each and every liable party accountable for his or her actions so you have a strong opportunity for success with your claim.

Common Chicago Car Crash Injuries

A person can suffer many serious injuries in an auto accident. Some of the more serious of these injuries include organ failure, traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, third-degree burns, spinal cord injuries, and amputations. Injuries of this severity can have permanent effects that will dramatically change life as you once knew it.

For instance, someone who suffers a traumatic brain injury may require years upon years of physical therapy. Victims might need to learn how to eat, speak, write, and express themselves all over again.

These types of injuries will continually spark significant medical expenses, such as copays, prescription medications, medical equipment, hospital bills, adjustments to your home to accommodate medical equipment, and even transportation costs to and from specialists you may need to see.

Your auto injury lawyer in Chicago will be sure to include every hardship your accident has caused in your request for compensation.

What to Expect from the Insurer

When dealing with the insurance company, you might be surprised to learn that the insurance adjuster is trying hard to deny your claim—even if you are one of the more deserving claimants. Insurance companies are very profit-driven. Paying out on claims lowers their profits. For this reason, they will often stop at nothing to protect their monetary interests.

One way they’ll attempt to minimize your settlement is by making it seem as though you are at fault for your accident—even if you weren’t. They’ll take well-intentioned statements from survivors and manipulate their words to make it seem as though they’ve admitted to liability, when really they were just trying to tell the adjuster what happened from their perspective.

A qualified Chicago auto injury claim lawyer won’t allow the insurance company to bully you as you seek fair and full compensation.

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