No one wants to see their loved one go to the nursing home. But usually, nursing homes can offer your elderly family member more attention and a better way of life. At least, that’s the idea they sell you on. The brochure will tell you that your family member will be happier. They’ll make friends, get the care they need, and feel right at home. While this may be true in some cases, it’s not always the case. 

Some nursing homes neglect their patients, and your family member may be at risk both emotionally and physically. It’s essential for you to notice the signs of nursing home neglect so you can take action when it’s occurring. A Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC can help you sue your loved one’s nursing home if they have mistreated your loved one. 

How to Know When Nursing Home Neglect Has Occurred

Neglect at nursing homes is hard to pinpoint when you aren’t there every day. What you must do is notice changes in your loved one’s physical appearance and behavior. These changes may not prove neglect is occurring, but they can signal that something is wrong. Once you notice these signals, you can investigate further. 

Some things that may show neglect is occurring include bedsores, body odor, or other signs of poor hygiene. Poor hygiene means the caregivers aren’t doing their job. If your loved one’s illnesses are getting worse, then they may not be getting their medications on time. You should question the staff and get answers.

Changes in behavior or communication from your loved one could also show that they’re being mistreated. Do your best to understand why there’s a change, because otherwise, the abuse may continue. 

How to Prove Neglect Has Occurred in a Nursing Home

Once you think neglect has occurred, you must prove your case using evidence. Evidence can include things like medical records, photographs, or witness statements. You can also use video footage as support. Speaking to a nursing home abuse lawyer in Chicago can be helpful because they’ll know what evidence is helpful and what isn’t.

Reach Out to a Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

It can be painful to watch your elderly family member suffer and not know why they’re suffering. As your loved one’s guardian, you must find the root cause of the problem. Once you know that neglect has occurred, it’s up to you to seek justice. Not only are you helping your family member, but you’re preventing others from experiencing abuse, as well. 

At Lane Brown, LLC, we work hard to prevent mistreatment no matter where it occurs. When a victim has suffered, we fight for them to receive the maximum settlement possible. If you’re ready to discuss your family member’s case in greater detail, you can schedule a free consultation with a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC. Call 312-332-1400 or fill out the contact form below to get started.

When older people move into nursing home facilities, despite the fact that they may be experiencing deteriorating physical or mental conditions, they have a reasonable right to expect they will be well cared for.  Most of the time, that’s the case.

However, there are instances where nursing homes to do not measure up and can actually cause harm to the people they are entrusted to care for.  This can either be through negligent acts or through intentional acts.  Sometimes, this is the result of too heavy of a caseload, or poor training or an inadequate screening process when hiring employees.

Nursing homes can be held liable in many ways for abuse ranging from physical abuse to false imprisonment, or general violations in operations or licensing.  If a lawyer can prove that the owners were negligent in their duty to provide a certain standard of care and that that negligence resulted in an injury, then a claim seeking damages may be filed.

In many cases, a resident will also enter into a contract with a nursing home which will clearly define what services are provided and how they are to be carried out.  Another way to prove negligence is if the nursing home breached the terms of the contract.

Beyond civil matters regarding nursing home abuse, there are instances when a facility could face criminal penalties related to abuse or neglect.  Exploitation of residents is less common but is a possibility.  Failing to provide adequate food or not keeping residents clean enough, as well as other related actions maybe be a cause for criminal neglect charges to be filed.  These types of cases will vary from state to state, but they can result in criminal convictions many times.

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