According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (11/12, Barrett, 798K), “Harley-Davidson Inc. has issued another safety recall on its 2014 Project Rushmore motorcycles, this one for a defect that could result in the loss of brake fluid.” The Journal Sentinel notes that the recall of 436 cycles is for 3-wheeled motorcycles, “trikes”, manufactured from July 24 through Sept. 2, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Journal Sentinel explains that “due to an incorrectly machined part, the trike may have an excessive steering angle that allows the inner fairing to come into contact with a brake fluid reservoir, resulting in a loss of fluid.”

Motorcycle “safety” has always been questioned, and some refer to them generally as “donorcycles”.  It’s true that motorcycles offer less protection to riders than other, enclosed vehicles, but it’s for that very reason that motorcycle manufacturers must use the highest diligence in their manufacture and design quality controls and pre-sale safety inspections.  Brake failures in any vehicle are dangerous. Brake failures with motorcycles are often catastrophic. Too often, blame is unfairly placed on motorcycle riders, who are often more highly trained, experienced and careful in the operation of their vehicles than many automobile drivers. Those conscientious motorcycle riders cannot control other drivers.  They can control and conform their driving to some road, weather and traffic conditions.  When their motorcycle is defective, life and death tragedy that is beyond their control may be just around the next bend in the road.

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