This list, compiled by Lane Brown, consists of Illinois clergy, priests and archdioceses who have credible allegations made against them. These individuals are either undergoing a continuing canonical process or their cases remain unresolved due to their death. This list serves as a critical resource for those seeking justice, community awareness, and transparency in the face of sexual abuse.

Below is a comprehensive list of clergy who have been implicated in various sexual misconduct allegations found in the Illinois sex offender database. These individuals have either been removed from their ministry, left the ministry or diocese, or are deceased. This list, compiled by our law firm, serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of vigilance and action when it comes to preventing and addressing sexual abuse.

  1. Aguilar, Alejandro Muro
  2. Aguilar, Deogratias
  3. Anderson, John
  4. Anderson, John
  5. Angers, Joseph Sebastian
  6. Arias, Alfredo Pedraza
  7. Austin, James (Hugh)
  8. Baca, Michael “Miguel”
  9. Baranowski, Alexander Sylvester
  10. Barnett, Robert
  11. Barnett, Robert O.
  12. Beatty, John M.
  13. Becker, Robert Charles
  14. Bogdan, Leonard Adolph
  15. Boley, Robert
  16. Boyce, James
  17. Braun, David Francis
  18. Broughan, Leonard
  19. Brown, Bernard (Lawrence Maria)
  20. Bruening, Walter
  21. Bruening, Walter
  22. Buck, Daniel Peter
  23. Burnett, James
  24. Bush, Edward
  25. Buczyna, Andrew
  26. Burke, Edmund F.
  27. Campbell, Alvin
  28. Campbell, James D.
  29. Campbell, John J. “Jack”
  30. Casey, John Joseph
  31. Cassidy, Terry
  32. Chateauvert, Victor Lucien
  33. Chong, Patrick (Damien)
  34. Ciganovich, Joseph (Mark)
  35. Cipar, Daniel
  36. Clapsaddle, Harlan B.
  37. Cloutier, William J.
  38. Condon, Louis
  39. Condon, Louis
  40. Considine, Thomas
  41. Costa, Eugene
  42. Craig, Robert
  43. Creager, Robert
  44. Curran, John William
  45. Dee, Garrett Neal
  46. Dedera, Philip
  47. DeGrand, Robert
  48. Dennerlein, Arno
  49. Dilla, Francis Emil
  50. Dinan, Paul F.
  51. Dodd, Robert
  52. Downey, Kevin J.
  53. Dugal, William
  54. Driscoll, Michael
  55. Eagar, Robert
  56. Engels, Francis
  57. Engels, Francis
  58. Fairfield, Leonard (Jeffrey)
  59. Faller, George
  60. Farris, John V.
  61. Feely, Theodore
  62. Fischer, Lowell
  63. Fitzgerald, James Vincent
  64. Flores, Alejandro
  65. Formusa, Salvatore
  66. Franzen, Ray
  67. Frederick, James
  68. Frazier, Michael
  69. Friese, Robert
  70. Flosi, James Vincent
  71. Furdek, John
  72. Gibbney, Michael
  73. Gibbs, Lawrence
  74. Gill, Joseph C.
  75. Gilman, Leonard
  76. Gilman, Leonard J.
  77. Gleeson, William (Patrick)
  78. Goodman, Norman
  79. Graham, William C.
  80. Griffin, J. Gerard
  81. Hagan, James Craig
  82. Havey, Joseph
  83. Harbert, William
  84. Heimann, David F.
  85. Hiland, George
  86. Hiland, George
  87. Hogan, Michael J.
  88. Holdren, John C.
  89. Holihan, Daniel Mark
  90. Howlin, Carroll
  91. Howlin, Carroll D.
  92. Hughes, Robert
  93. Hughes, Robert
  94. Huff, Dennis
  95. Huske, Leonard
  96. Irwin, Charles B.
  97. Isermann, William
  98. Jablonski, Joseph
  99. Jablonski, Joseph
  100. Janssen, James M.
  101. Job, Thomas
  102. Johnson, Walter E.
  103. Joffe, William I.
  104. Jones, Augustine K.
  105. Kane, J. Eugene
  106. Kareta, Gregory
  107. Kealy, John
  108. Kealy, Robert Louis
  109. Keegan, John James
  110. Kelly, Arthur
  111. Kelly, Thomas Francis
  112. Keough, John Joseph
  113. Kirk, Allan F.
  114. Kissane, Joseph Patrick
  115. Klimek, Valentine “Val” J.
  116. Kmak, Leonard Paul
  117. Knornschild, John (Gregory)
  118. Knornschild, John (Gregory)
  119. Koch, Robert J. (A.K.A. “J. Robert Koch”)
  120. Kohler, Peter D.
  121. Knoth, Bernard P.
  122. Kowalczyk, Adalbert (“Albert”)
  123. Kromenaker, George
  124. Krol, Michael Francis
  125. Kraus, Philip
  126. Kremer, Robert (Barry)
  127. Kremer, Robert (Barry)
  128. Kucan, Jerome (Jerry, John) (Kucon)
  129. Kurtz, Richard James
  130. Kuhl, Richard
  131. Kurlandski, Laurence
  132. Lastra Aldape, Nathanial
  133. Lamping, Severin
  134. Lane, John H.
  135. Lasik, Ronald Justin
  136. Lause, Richard L.
  137. LeClercq, Duane
  138. LeClercq, M. Duane
  139. Lenczycki, Frederick
  140. Lewnard, James
  141. Leyhane, William R.
  142. Lecompte, Roland Jules
  143. Lickteig, Bernard (Franz)
  144. Lickteig, Bernard (Franz)
  145. Lickteig, Peter (Adrian)
  146. Lickteig, Peter (Adrian)
  147. Liles, Ronan Charles
  148. Lovell, Lawrence
  149. Luczak, Ralph
  150. Lohan, Edward
  151. Lux, Joachim
  152. Maday, Norbert J.
  153. Malzone, John
  154. Martinez, Frank
  155. Mateo, Leonardo
  156. Mayer, Robert E.
  157. McBrien, Kevin (Dennis Kevin)
  158. McCaffrey, Vincent
  159. McDonald, Robert Joseph
  160. McShane, Thomas
  161. Meinhardt, Louis J.
  162. Meis, Anthony
  163. Meyer, Thomas Gregory
  164. Miller, Thomas
  165. Mullins, Lawrence
  166. Munie, Orville Lawrence (O.L.)
  167. Murphy, Robert (Hugh)
  168. Murphy, Thomas
  169. Musloff, Donald John
  170. Nawn, Francis X.
  171. Navarrette Diaz, Felipe
  172. Nowak, James
  173. O’Brien, Daniel (William Kevin)
  174. O’Brien, Joseph Cullen
  175. O’Connor, Donald
  176. O’Hara, Frank
  177. O’Hara, James Patrick
  178. Owens, Joseph
  179. Petit, Leo
  180. Pock, Donald
  181. Piorkowski, Aloysius
  182. Poff, Edward
  183. Polanco Rodriguez, Norberto
  184. Prior, Franklin (Felix)
  185. Przybylo, Czeslaw (extern)
  186. Ray, James M.
  187. Remuzgo Gagliuffi, Jorge
  188. Rogge, Louis (Meinrad)
  189. Romano, Russell Lawrence
  190. Ross, Anthony
  191. Ruffalo, Richard
  192. Ruge, Kenneth Charles
  193. Ryan, Daniel L.
  194. Ryan, Lee
  195. Savino, Daniel (Dominic Joseph)
  196. Schwellenbach, Aloysius
  197. Shea, Louis C.
  198. Skaja, Jerome
  199. Sklopan, Timothy
  200. Skriba, Raymond Francis
  201. Slade, Henry
  202. Slown, John
  203. Snieg, Marion Joseph
  204. Sprouffske, Michael (Matthew)
  205. Stefanich, Edward
  206. Stewart, Victor E.
  207. Tebangura, Francis
  208. Tully, Joseph J.M.
  209. Van Duren, Charles
  210. VanTerToolen, Leo (Vincent)
  211. Valdez Castaneda, Carlos
  212. Virtue, William
  213. Weber, John-Benedict
  214. Weerts, Walter
  215. Wert, William
  216. Westhoff, Frank
  217. White, Myles
  218. Yore, Francis (Lambert)

Priests with Credible Allegations Undergoing Canonical Process

These priests have been removed from ministry due to credible allegations and are currently undergoing a canonical process:

  • Dennerlein, Arno 
  • Howlin, Carroll 
  • Nowak, James 
  • Ryan, Lee 
  • Virtue, William 

Priests with Credible Allegations but Unresolved

These priests have credible allegations against them, but due to their death, the cases remain unresolved:

  • Dinan, Paul
  • Storm, James

If you need legal assistance related to any of these cases or have been a victim of sexual abuse by a member of the clergy, please do not hesitate to reach out to Lane Brown. We are committed to seeking justice for victims and holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

On Wednesday April 30, 2014, five lawsuits were reportedly filed against the Diocese of Joliet. Each of the lawsuits alleges that a priest in the Diocese of Joliet sexually abused children and that the diocese did not take appropriate actions to protect them.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, all of the abuse alleged in these lawsuits occurred decades ago and was committed by one of four priests. The paper identifies the four priests as Rev. Leonardo Mateo (deceased), Rev. Lee Ryan, Rev. Lowell Fischer (deceased), and Rev. Frederick Lenczycki.

Why the Diocese of Joliet Is Named in These Lawsuits

While the specific priests named above allegedly committed the abuse, the victims are suing the Joliet Diocese because they say that:

  • The church knew of credible allegations of child sex abuse by priests and failed to notify the police and parishioners.
  • The church protected priests who were violating the law.
  • The church failed to protect children from abuse.


The plaintiffs are asking the church to release all documents concerning the abuse of children by priests in the Diocese of Joliet. So far, the diocese has released 16 of 34 known files relating to the sexual abuse of children.

The diocese did not immediately comment on the lawsuits other than to say that it had not yet been formally served and that once diocesan officials had a chance to review the documents, they would respond in an appropriate forum.

Have You, or a Loved One, Been Abused by a Priest?

If you were sexually abused by a priest or anyone else, in any diocese in Illinois, it may not be too late for you to come forward, to seek justice, and to take steps to protect children. Please contact us today for a free and confidential consultation and please share this post with any of your friends or relatives who may have suffered this kind of inexcusable and intolerable abuse.



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