Brake Problems Are a Common Cause of Semi Accidents

December 28, 2014

Semi-Truck Accidents Can Be Caused by Defective or Malfunctioning Braking Systems

Huge tractor-trailers and heavy trucks can be hard to stop, and that’s why it’s so important that drivers and companies pay attention to the braking systems in the trucks they operate. While federal regulations exist to prevent safety issues with regards to truck braking systems, maintaining commercial trucks to these specifications can be a complicated, costly, and time-consuming process—and sometimes mistakes are made that cause tragic accidents when a truck is unable to stop.

Why Do Brakes Fail in Commercial Trucks?

Brakes in a heavy truck can fail for a number of reasons, including:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Poor maintenance
  • Delayed repair
  • Driver error


However, because these issues are investigated only after an accident has happened, it can be difficult to trace the facts back to the core causes of the brake failure.

What Happens to the Victims in Accidents Where a Truck’s Brakes Fail or Malfunction?

Brake failure is a common cause of serious accidents, but many of these issues could have been prevented if a manufacturer, trucking company, or employee had followed the rules. If someone gets hurt because of a malfunctioning or defective braking system in a semi, the attorney working with the victims will look at the vehicle’s maintenance and repair history, the driver’s logbook, company policies, and other records that identify where, why, and how the brakes failed.

If it is determined that the driver or trucking company failed to perform regular, thorough inspections of the truck’s brake system and schedule appropriate repairs, the victims of the accident may be able to pursue financial compensation from the negligent parties for their injuries. Similarly, if a defect or manufacturing issue is identified, victims may be able to hold the brake maker responsible.

Unfortunately, victims often have trouble holding trucking companies or brake manufacturers responsible for mistakes, and it becomes necessary to work with an injury attorney to make sure their voices are heard. For more information about protecting your rights or pursuing fair compensation after a semi-truck accident, don’t hesitate to contact our Chicago legal team by phone or live chat today.

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