What You Need to Know About Passing Buses

There’s Danger in Passing Buses—and Help for Those Who Are Hurt


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The streets of downtown Chicago are crowded and some Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus drivers don’t make getting around town any easier. It is hard to get around them, and it is frustrating to be stuck behind them. Yet, before you try to pass a bus, it is important to know about potential dangers.

What Bus Drivers Need to Do When You Pass

There are two primary dangers to drivers who are trying to pass a bus. First, buses have significant blind spots, which make it hard for bus drivers to see motorists who are attempting to pass them. Second, buses make wide turns and may not account for vehicles traveling beside them.

Despite these dangers, bus drivers who drive on Chicago streets have a responsibility to watch out for other drivers. They should have been taught how to watch for vehicles in their blind spots and how to safely make wide turns on city streets. If they have failed to watch for you and take reasonable actions to avoid a crash, they may be responsible for the injuries or deaths that result from the accident.

What Happens When a Car Passes a Bus?

Most of the time nothing happens, and both vehicles continue on their way. However, sometimes tragedy strikes, as it did recently in the Edgewater Beach neighborhood. An accident occurred when a car passed a CTA bus on the right side, causing a chain-reaction accident, injuries, and at least one fatality.

It is important to know your rights and to get help if you are hurt, or a loved one is killed, in a CTA bus accident. Please read our free articles and start a live chat with us today to learn more.

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