Bedsores and Chicago Nursing Home Negligence: What to Look For

July 24, 2013

If you are like the millions of Americans who have a loved one living in a nursing home, you might be wondering what can be done to help prevent your elderly loved one from becoming the victim of nursing home negligence.

With about 1,200 long-term care facilities in Illinois, over 100,000 residents are estimated to be receiving care in nursing home facilities. When Illinois nursing home negligence occurs, residents can become helpless victims, unaware of the severity of the situation, or unable to speak up for themselves due to deteriorating mental and physical health.

As a family member of a nursing home resident, there are some things that you can look for if your elderly loved one is typically bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound. With proper medical attention and care, your loved one should not develop painful bedsores, which can become deadly.

Preventing Bedsores from Nursing Home Negligence: A Checklist

  • Do the nurses and aides frequently help your loved one to change positions? If your family member is in a wheelchair, she should be assisted to change positions every 15 minutes, and those in beds should be moved every two hours to prevent bedsores from developing. Check to see if the nursing home offers pressure-reducing mattresses for the residents.
  • Are the staff members changing bandages daily? Ask the staff and administration their policies on bandage and wound care. Skin damage and foul odors are signs that bedsores are present.
  • Are they providing proper nutrition to patients? A balanced diet can help prevent bedsores from developing. Watch your loved one’s weight and outward appearance, to ensure she is receiving nutritious foods to eat.
  • Does the nursing home offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, or other physical activities to allow residents to receive Explosion of e-cigarette battery in car causes injuries.necessary, and appropriate, exercise? This movement helps reduce a sedentary lifestyle that causes bedsores.

There are laws established to guarantee the safety and proper treatment of residents in nursing homes. Sadly, many nursing homes do not measure up to the safe practice standards set for them. If you believe that your loved one has been the victim of nursing home negligence in Chicago, an experienced Chicago medical malpractice attorney may be able to help. If your elderly family member developed explosion of e-cigarette battery in car causes injuries, painful bedsores, she may have had her legal rights violated as well.

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