Are You One of Chicago’s Dangerously Slow Drivers?

March 4, 2014

You’ve probably experienced been stuck in traffic before and experienced one of “those” drivers. You know the ones; the ones driving so s-l-o-w that you can’t help but tail them. The natural tendency may be to honk your horn at them, follow them extra close to hopefully get their attention, or even to speed around them and give them the glare as you pass by. Maybe you’re one of those drivers yourself. You’re never in a hurry, and enjoy seeing the sights around you—no matter where you are. Every road you’re on is the “scenic route” and you love to “see what you’ll see.”

In either case, slow drivers can be more than just an inconvenience for others on the road. They can be a danger, too. In many cases, the biggest offenders are people who don’t even realize how slow they’re actually driving. Here are four of the primary groups of “slow-driving” offenders. Do you fit into one of these categories?

  • SeniorsThe elderly population is often stereotyped within this category of drivers—sometimes unfairly.  However, the natural aging process may cause more mature motorists to drive more cautiously on the road. Physical ailments, vision or hearing problems, or even reduced reaction times could be a contributing factor to this problem.
  • Tourists – Often times, tourists or other area visitors are unfamiliar with an area. Slowing down to search for specific roads or locations can cause traffic back-ups or rear-end collisions unintentionally. Many times, drivers are just unfamiliar with the traffic laws, habits, and patterns of local drivers.
  • Young or newly licensed driversThis group is often overly cautious when first starting out driving. If you fall under this category, aggressive driving may be scary or unnerving. Turning across busy intersections could be tricky and becoming acquainted with the rules of driving can also become a primary focus behind the wheel. Placing a “student driver” sign in your window can alert other drivers to have patience as you’re learning to be a safe motorist on the road.
  • Distracted Drivers – Talking or texting on the phone, staring at accidents outside, talking with other passengers, and eating are just a few distractions that can pull your attention away from the road—and your speed. Paying attention to the road, and your driving habits, can help keep traffic moving smoothly, and keep you, and other drivers, safe on the road.


Before you head out for a drive, please remember that safe driving is a multi-faceted idea. Extremely slow driving can be dangerous, just like speeding. Following the recommended speed postings is one simple way to avoid a car accident on Chicago’s busy streets.

Know someone who drives a little too slowly? Share this, and other information about the dangers of slow driving—it could be a lifesaver one day.

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