Aggressive Drivers Are a Big Risk on the Road

April 23, 2015

Angry, Irritated, and Aggressive Drivers Cause Accidents and Take Lives

Heavy traffic, road work, delays, or even just a bad day can cause drivers to lose their tempers, and we’ve probably all had a few moments in our driving histories where we’ve gotten a little irritated—or even downright mad. However, allowing that anger and aggression to creep into your driving behavior is a big mistake. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has estimated that aggressive driving behaviors cause more than half of all traffic deaths and are a serious risk on the road.

Aggressive Driving Is More Than Just “Road Rage”

While “road rage” is one form of aggressive driving, it isn’t the only kind. The AAA Foundation mentions a number of other driving behaviors that may be motivated by anger or aggression, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Driving slowly in a passing lane
  • Tailgating other cars
  • Racing with other cars
  • Ignoring traffic regulations

While most drivers say that they believe aggressive driving is dangerous, around half of the drivers surveyed by the AAA Foundation reported that they had driven over the speed limit in the last month—one of the most common aggressive behaviors. And keep in mind that just one aggressive driver in the mix can trigger aggressive driving by others in the area.

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