A Toddler May Face Leg Amputation After a Lawn Mower Injury

September 12, 2014

Recently, an 18-month-old child was run over by a lawn mower at a home daycare in Wichita, Kansas. The child was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition; her leg injury was so severe that she may face a below-knee amputation. She was later transferred to a Kansas City hospital in hopes that doctors there could save her leg.

Here’s What We Know Now

While few details have been released about this tragic lawn mower accident, it is important for all parents and caregivers of young children to know the truth about lawn mower accidents. Before you mow the lawn again, please know that:

  • More than half of traumatic amputation injuries in children occur because of lawn mower accidents.
  • About 80,000 people, including more than 9,000 people under age 20, are hurt in lawn mower accidents every year.
  • Lawn mower operators are often not at fault for lawn mower accidents that involve children. Instead, there may be a design defect or manufacturing problem with a lawn mower that results in a serious accident. To compound the problem, children may not recognize the inherent risks of lawn mowers because of their experience with realistic-looking lawn mower toys that are marketed to children.


If your child is a victim of a lawn mower accident, you can find out more about his legal rights by starting a live chat or connecting with us using our online contact form.

Please Help Raise Awareness Among Your Family and Friends

We do not want what happened to this toddler in Wichita to happen to any other child. Please help keep your loved ones safe by talking to your friends and family about the potential dangers of lawn mower accidents and by sharing this blog on Facebook or Twitter.

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