A Chicago Slip and Fall Accident Can Be Devastating for Seniors

April 23, 2013

Almost everyone experiences a slip and fall accident at some point. We all have clumsy moments, tripping over something or falling down when we are not paying attention to where we are walking. Most of the time, we escape with a minor bump or scrape and a bruised ego. However, when it comes to senior citizens, a Chicago slip and fall accident may prove devastating and costly. Following are the costs associated with a slip and fall accident for a senior citizen:

Financial Costs – Medical costs can pile up for an elderly individual, injured in a Chicago slip and fall accident. Doctor visits, hospital bills, ongoing rehabilitation costs, and medication can become very expensive.
Medical Consequences – Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries. Hip fractures are the most common and are often accompanied by medical complications like blood clots, infection, and pneumonia. Other serious injuries that may result from a slip and fall accident are broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and internal organ damage.
Loss of Independence – After a Chicago slip and fall injury, many seniors are no longer able to live independently. Some may require the services of a home health aide to provide medical care and help them perform daily activities. Others may need to move to an assisted-living facility or nursing home. This loss of independence can have a significant emotional and psychological impact on an elderly individual.

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