A Chicago Injury Lawyer Explains the Dangers of Birth Control Pills

June 1, 2013

Can you imagine taking a trip to the emergency room to have some tingling in your arm or leg checked out and leaving several days later after having that limb amputated? Now, imagine that this sudden amputation was due to your birth control pill. Medical evidence shows the popular birth control pills Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella, and Beyaz have been linked to severe blood clots, which can have devastating effects on the body.

Patients who suffered injuries due to their birth control medication reported feeling extreme pain in affected limbs as well as a barely-detectable pulse. In some circumstances, very little can be done to save the affected limb once symptoms progress to a noticeable stage. A Chicago injury lawyer shares some of the dangerous side effects of Yaz, Yasmin, and other birth control pills:

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – A blood clot that forms in the veins deep within the body-typically within the legs
  • Limb Ischaemia– A sudden lack of blood flow to a limb, which gradually causes limb death
  • Stroke – A rapid loss of brain function due to disruption of the blood supply to the brain
  • Pulmonary Embolism (PE) – A blood clot in the lungs, commonly resulting from DVT in the legs or pelvis
  •  Heart Attack – Occurs when a section of the heart muscle doesn’t receive the proper blood supply due to blockage
  • Leg Ulcers – May occur as a result of limb ischaemia and become severely infected or gangrenous

All of these birth control pill complications can be potentially deadly—especially because typical birth control users have no reason to suspect these injuries might occur. If you have suffered an injury due to birth control pills, a medical error, or some other serious accident, a Chicago medical malpractice attorney at Lane Brown can help. Our compassionate and skilled attorneys will take the time to understand your injury, answer your questions, and advise you on your next legal steps—all during a free case consultation. Contact our office today at 312-332-1400. Our attorneys are standing by to help.

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