A Chicago Brain Injury Lawyer Explains How to Approach a Head Injury

March 18, 2013

When a loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it is a scary and confusing time for everyone involved. Speaking frankly to the medical time and asking questions can help provide clarity and peace of mind. Following are some questions that you should be sure to ask:


What is the severity of the brain injury my loved one received?

Various medical scales assess and describe the degree of injury, and help to determine necessary medical care and potential recovery time for the patient. These scales measure, among other things, eye response, verbal response, and motor response.


What are the most important first steps and how will these things help my loved one?

Asking this question builds clear and open communication between family members and the medical team. Not only does it help to establish a sense of medical accountability for medical care providers, it also helps family members to understand the healing process in its entirety.


What can we, as family members, do to be more helpful?

Family members may wish to bring pictures, clothing, music, and other comfort items from home in order to help the injured person recover more quickly. In addition, medical personnel can help families understand the personal lifestyle changes and additional treatment steps that will be necessary once the injured person goes home.


What daily care tasks can we, as family members, be trained to perform at home?

Depending on the severity of the TBI, family members may be needed to help with bathing, feeding, dressing, and daily at-home therapy. Medical personnel can help families to understand the requirements in addition to providing training.


What therapies are relevant to this particular TBI, and how do we know what to focus on?

Your loved one may need various types of therapy with qualified medical professionals to relearn skills such as eating, walking, talking, and dressing. In addition, family members may be needed to assist with at-home therapy.

Knowing the answers to the basic questions listed above can help provide a measure of peace during an otherwise stressful and overwhelming situation. If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI in an accident, the nationally recognized personal injury attorneys at Lane Brown can help. Contact a Chicago brain injury attorney today at 312-332-1400 for a free consultation. We will review your case carefully and help you to understand your legal options.




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