Your Doctor Plays a Part in Your Claim for Lost Wages

February 26, 2015

Medical Orders Play a Big Part in Victims’ Claims for Lost Wages After a Truck Accident

Although records from your workplace and other evidence of your wages are key parts of the documentation needed to prove a claim for lost wages after a truck accident, don’t overlook the importance of your doctor. As you follow orders and get the treatment you need for your injuries, make sure you are communicating with your physician about your limitations and your ability to work.

While insurance companies, attorneys, your co-workers and boss, and even your friends and family may have opinions about when you should return to work or the kinds of activities you can participate, the truth is that it really comes down to you and your doctor. Medical documentation not only helps to establish your accident-related injuries, it helps to show when and why you were away from work. Your doctor is the person who makes recommendations about whether you should try to work during your recovery, when you might be able to return, and what your long-term limitations may be—and all of this documentation can help you support your claim that you lost wage income because you were hurt.

Your health and wellbeing should be the priority after you’ve been hurt in an accident with a commercial truck, but the future of your financial wellbeing matters, too. Be honest with your doctor about your limitations, and don’t be afraid to ask a doctor or an attorney about how to document the time you take off work due to an accident.

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