Winter Slip & Fall Prevention Tips From a Chicago Injury Lawyer

January 16, 2013

Winter can bring extremely treacherous conditions to Chicago and the surrounding area—and property owners do not have a strong legal obligation to keep their grounds reasonably safe in snowy and icy conditions for visitors in Illinois. How can you avoid a winter slip and fall accident? Here are four key tips:

  • Check the weather forecast. Be aware of when snowy and icy conditions could appear and prepare for them beforehand. You may wish to avoid winter weather altogether by staying indoors during inclement weather. If you need to go out, prepare by wearing the proper gear and taking other precautions.
  • Wear proper footwear. You can’t do anything about how slippery the ice and snow is outside, but you can do something about how safe your shoes are. Avoid high heels and any footwear that has poor traction or smooth soles. Pick a pair of boots that are waterproof, sturdy, flat, and treaded. Make sure they fit properly.
  • Report dangerous conditions. Is there a sidewalk or stairway that never seems to be shoveled, salted, or plowed after a snowstorm? You can help prevent injuries both to yourself and others by reporting the issue to the property owners or those responsible for clearing the area.
  • Watch for melted snow indoors. Winter conditions don’t just create dangers outside—many slip and fall injuries happen just inside of properties, where melted snow and ice create very dangerous conditions on smooth interior floors. Be careful in the entrances of buildings and look for signs of wet floors.

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