Why Did Your Loved One Die in an Emergency Room?

September 5, 2014

It was not the outcome you expected. You knew your spouse was sick—seriously ill. That is why you rushed her to the emergency room at Skokie Hospital in the middle of the night.

Yet, you still have many questions about why your spouse died. Was it really the result of the underlying illness or injury that brought her to the emergency room, or was it because of the actions or inactions of emergency room staff? Would your spouse still be alive if emergency room staff had acted differently?

How to Find Out the Truth

You need to know why your loved one died for two reasons. First, you deserve to have your questions answered as you grieve. Second, you may have a medical malpractice case if emergency room staff were negligent in their care.

You can find out the truth by asking the right questions. Those questions may include:

  • How soon was my spouse seen by a doctor?
  • What triage was conducted to determine if my spouse needed help?
  • What tests were done to diagnose my spouse’s condition?
  • What medications was my spouse provided?
  • Was a medical history taken?


Of course, the doctors and hospital are unlikely to provide you with complete and accurate information just because you ask for it. Instead, you may need to go through the legal process with the help of an experienced and compassionate lawyer who can help you get the answers that you need.

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