When a Stillbirth Is Medical Malpractice

May 22, 2015

Sudden Stillbirths Can Be the Tragic Result of Medical Malpractice

When a baby dies during the late stages of pregnancy, it is a tragedy for the expectant mother and her family. Despite accepted safety procedures and medical technology, late-term fetal deaths and stillbirths still happen every year. And, although it may be difficult to think about if you have recently experienced a loss, the truth is that some of these deaths are caused by medical mistakes.

When Is a Stillbirth Medical Malpractice?

Sometimes, sudden stillbirths happen even though a doctor did everything right. However, that’s a fairly rare occurrence. There are almost always signs earlier in pregnancy or during delivery that indicate a need for further evaluation to ensure the safety of the baby. Although other risk factors play a part in fetal deaths, potential cases of medical malpractice might include situations where:

  • A doctor failed to address risk factors associated with previous medical difficulties.
  • A doctor or hospital did not adhere to regulations and procedures that help prevent infection.
  • A doctor failed to screen for or address possible fetal abnormalities or risks.
  • A doctor failed to diagnose or follow-up on signs of fetal distress.
  • A doctor failed to diagnose disorders in the mother before birth.
  • A doctor or medical professional failed to verify the safety of prescription medications during pregnancy.

How Can I Find Out If a Doctor’s Negligence Contributed to a Stillbirth?

In order to move forward with a birth injury case, you need to have evidence that the doctor was negligent and that the negligence caused the loss of your baby. Without medical experts and a knowledgeable legal representative, it can be very difficult to get this information or understand what it really means for your case. This is why it is crucial for families that have experienced a sudden stillbirth to reach out for help.

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