What Are the Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse?

June 24, 2019
What Are the Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse?

Keeping your child safe from physical and emotional harm is a parent’s top priority. It can be terrifying to suspect that a child is suffering from sexual abuse, whether at school, church, or in some other setting. Your child may not speak up about abuse willingly, which is why it’s essential to be aware of common signs of sexual abuse. As parents, it’s important to always remain vigilant. 

At Lane Brown, LLC, our attorneys have experience handling sexual abuse cases and we can investigate your family’s situation to determine whether abuse is taking place. A sexual abuse lawyer in Chicago will support you through the legal process and pinpoint the assailant to ensure that, if abuse is occurring, the abuser is properly punished and no future abuse can occurs. 

Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

The hard part about spotting sexual abuse in children is that the assailant is likely to be someone you know. Perpetrators of sexual abuse find it easier to abuse children when they’ve built up trust with the child, which is why you may have a hard time identifying the abuser. You’ll need to look out for both physical and behavioral signs from your child. Physical signs of child sexual abuse can include:

  • Swelling or bruising in the genital area
  • Urinary infections or yeast infections
  • Difficulty walking or sitting
  • Bloody or torn undergarments
  • Itching or burning in the genital area

Your child should be seen by a doctor immediately if you notice any of these physical signs. Although your child may remain silent about the abuse, taking the lead in the conversation can be the step they need to open up. 

Behavioral Signs of Sexual Abuse in Children

Behavioral signs of sexual abuse in children can vary widely and depends on the age of the child and the severity of the abuse. If you notice changes to your child’s hygiene, development of nightmares, signs of depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, or any other significant change in personality, these could all be indicators that something’s wrong in your child’s personal life. 

You may need to delve deeper into what’s going on with your child before being able to determine that sexual abuse is the underlying cause of your child’s changed behavior. However, even the slightest change in behavior should spark a reason to investigate. It’s better to question the behavior than to leave it alone and possibly allow sexual abuse to continue.  

Who Can Be Sued in a Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

The sexual abuser will be the main defendant in any lawsuit. If the abuse happened at a school, church, or other organization, it’s possible to sue the organization, as well. For example, if a teacher was sexually abusing a child, then the school had a responsibility to keep the child safe from the employer. Not only can the teacher be sued, but the school can be held liable for damages

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