Victims Hurt in Wrecks With Delivery Drivers Face Challenges

May 28, 2015

Victims May Have Trouble Holding Delivery Drivers and Their Employers Responsible for Serious Accidents

When you’re hit by another driver, you know that you need to exchange insurance information and file a claim for compensation if you’ve been hurt or had to go to the hospital. But what happens when the driver who hits you is driving a delivery van or carrying supplies to and from a place of business?

The injuries you sustained or what you went through may not have been any different had you been struck by a private car or truck rather than a business-owned vehicle. Yet being in an accident with a commercial delivery driver can actually be a lot more legally complicated than an accident with the driver of a personal vehicle.

Companies and Their Delivery Drivers Have a Duty to Keep Other Drivers Reasonably Safe on the Road

Chicago roadways are home to delivery trucks and vans of all kinds and sizes, including:

  • Trucks delivering commercial supplies and parts
  • Grocery and food delivery
  • Package delivery, such as FedEx or UPS

When companies use delivery drivers as a part of doing business, or when people are employed as commercial drivers, they have certain responsibilities to keep the public safe. When they break the rules of the road or ignore safety regulations and cause a serious wreck, the victims of that wreck may be able to file a lawsuit and recover the costs of their medical bills, time away from work, and even pain and suffering associated with their injuries.

However, understanding who is responsible and how to protect your rights in this situation isn’t easy. The businesses and insurance companies that deal with the liability for delivery vehicles are usually prepared to minimize how much they must pay for accidents. They know accidents can and do happen when they have a lot of vehicles on the road, so they employ teams of attorneys, insurance adjusters, and others who are trained in minimizing potential claims to protect the company’s bottom line.

The Type of Business, Driver, or Vehicle Could Have an Impact on Accident Victims’ Injury Claims

There are some unique challenges for victims when they are hurt by a commercial driver who isn’t a classic “trucker” or who operates a smaller kind of commercial van or truck. Depending on the type of vehicle, the company the driver works for, and other specific details, there can be big differences in how the insurance requirements and legal responsibility work when someone gets hurt. It may be unclear if a victim’s claim will go through the company’s insurance coverage or the individual driver’s coverage, and there may be limits on how much a victim can recover.

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