Truck Driver Negligence Can Trigger a Fatal Truck Crash

August 13, 2014

July 21, 2014, was a deadly afternoon on I-55—two fatal truck accidents occurred within three miles and 16 minutes. The first accident occurred south of Arsenal Road, killing four people. A few minutes later, another accident occurred three miles north of the first one, killing another person.

What Caused These Fatal Accidents?

While the cause of both accidents remains under investigation, initial accident reports drive home the point that truck driver negligence is often the underlying cause of fatal truck accidents—even though the circumstances of the accidents can vary greatly. For example, the trucker involved in the first accident was charged with felony log book violations. It is alleged that he willingly entered false information in a false log book. The trucker reportedly made an abrupt lane change and hit a car that was stopped in traffic. And while the second accident did not immediately result in any criminal charges, one semi-truck rear-ended another semi, killing one of the truckers.

Why Is the Cause Important?

We know that the effect of these accidents is important. We know that people lost their lives unnecessarily and that their families are devastated. However, the cause of these fatal truck crashes is also important. In order for the grieving families to recover, they need to know what caused the crash that killed their loved ones.

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